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How does a Ligotti story happen? When and where does his inspiration usually occur? (submitted by Ma
Ligotti: It depends on the story. Sometimes they start with a title. This was the case with 'Nethescurial,' 'Gas Station Carnivals,' 'Teatro Grottesco,' and several others. Sometimes they start with a dream (e.g.'The Cocoons,' 'The Bungalow House'). Sometimes they're inspired by an image or a place, such as the small town that served as the basis for 'The Shadow at the Bottom of the World.' After the initial inspiration I brood upon what the story should be about, both in a narrative and a thematic sense. This process can be lengthy--up to a year--or almost instantaneous. I try to imagine the story as if it already exists and then judge whether or not it's worth going through the process of writing. Once that decision is made I either abandon the tale or knuckle down to the nuts and bolts work of outlining the tale, making notes, and all the other customary procedures. (email response 1/15/99)

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