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Did Ligotti write an episode of the X-Files?
In the Spring of 1998, Brandon Trenz, one of Ligotti's coworkers at Gale, developed an idea for an X-Files episode. After mentioning the idea to Ligotti, both authors went to work on the project, a plan that was wholly unsolicited by the makers of the television show. The script, entitled Crampton, was released for general reading on the Thomas Ligotti Online website in May of 1998. After being up for a couple of months, the script was taken down at the authors' request. nbsp; In August of 2000, Mr. Ligotti and Mr. Trenz gave permission to republish the screenplay on this website, and it was removed in January 2002 at the authors' request. In June of 2003, David Tibet's Durtro published a Ligotti/Trenz Crampton screenplay in book/cd format.

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