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What is Thomas Ligotti's connection with a musical group called Current 93?
The unique, brilliant UK musical phenomenon known as Current 93 is connected to the works of Thomas Ligotti in a couple of ways. Firstly, the lead singer and creator of C93, David Tibet, is an avid reader and admirer of Thomas Ligotti's fiction, and some of his music is directly influenced by TL's works, most notably in C93's All the Pretty Little Horses CD, which includes such tracks as The Frolic and Twilight Twilight Nihil Nihil, (dedicated to Ligotti). On the last track of the album, after about a minute long pause, Ligotti himself is recorded via phone reading a poem from one of his early short stories, Les Fleurs. Thomas Ligotti has directly collaborated with C93 on at least two projects: the 1997 release, In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land, and the upcoming CD, I Have a Special Plan for this World. The former release includes a small, hardbound book which contains four linked Ligotti stories. In fact, the CD provides background sounds and readings for these stories, and the effect is marvelous. I Have a Special Plan for this World will include a series of dream monologues penned by the author and set to audio by C93. Current 93 is definitely worth looking into for anyone who appreciates great music, and the stories contained within the In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land book/CD represent some of Ligotti's best work to date. In the fall of 1998, Current 93 released a new album, Soft Black Stars; a title which is taken from a sinister component of Ligotti's Teatro Grottesco. On March 4th, 5th, and 6th, 1999, Current 93 performed in New York City at a lower east side venue called Tonic. On Saturday the 6th, they appeared under the pseudonym, Soft Black Stars. The program for that night quoted the last sentence of Ligotti's Dr. Locrian's Asylum under the band's assumed name: Commending me to an absolute cure, he will have immured another soul within the black and boundless walls of that eternal asylum where stars dance forever like bright puppets in the silent, staring void. --Thomas Ligotti Current 93's official homepage is located at

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