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Picture Miscellaneous  View with PicLens 
yellowish haze 28 1 Week Ago
Picture Random  View with PicLens 
ToALonelyPeace 1 2 Weeks Ago
Picture Misc  View with PicLens 
Frater_Tsalal 21 10-19-2017
Picture Spiders  View with PicLens 
ToALonelyPeace 10 10-07-2017
Picture BODY WORLDS museum  View with PicLens 
All bodies are real. For those like me whom morbidity has crossed over to anatomy and pathology.
ToALonelyPeace 14 10-03-2017
Picture WAREWOLFF!  View with PicLens 
Coelacanth 2 08-23-2017
Picture Test  View with PicLens 
Zaharoff 2 06-09-2017
Picture Heretics and dissidents  View with PicLens 
Shamans, madmen, alchemists, mavericks, artists, martyrs, outsiders, iconoclasts, authors, prophets, occultists, philosophers, Romantics, heretics, poets, visionaries, musicians, seers, dreamers. Architects of strangeness. Inhabitants of Carcosa and Golgonooza. These are the men and women whom society condemns, the damned and the accursed who wander forever in the lands of eternity and dreams. They carry the mark of Cain, and invisible angels and demons follow them everywhere they tread. They harnessed what Colin Wilson christened Faculty X, and have opened their doors of perception. They are pilgrims on some unholy and sacred quest of the soul, and numerous obstacles and terrors shall beset them. They all have tales to tell, so let us listen to them as we lose ourselves in the intricate web of their metaphysical imaginings.
Doctor Dugald Eldritch 160 05-24-2017
Picture Snapshots  View with PicLens 
qcrisp 1 05-09-2017
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