View Full Version : "The Last Feast of Harlequin"

  1. I Was An Adroit Jester
  2. One Of The Mirocaw Clowns
  3. My Bodiless Invisibility
  4. The Evil Of These People
  5. Terrible Reminders Of The Forces Of Disorder
  6. And Now I Have A Confession To Make
  7. The Apex Of Darkness
  8. The Ghost Of Festivals Past
  9. The Irregular Topography Of The Town
  10. The Scene Of My Inadvertent Crime
  11. What Buries Itself Before It Is Dead?
  12. Here We Are Again
  13. The Traditions Of This Winter Festival
  14. Everyone Takes Their Turn
  15. They Were Clowns, Were They Not?
  16. Those Of The New Generation
  17. This Inner Realm Of Awful Purity And Emptiness
  18. This Group Of Melancholy Mummers