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  1. "The Cocoons" Commentary
  2. "Nethescurial"
  3. From the TLO Retro Vault: "Nethescurial" commentary (circa 1999)
  4. "The Spectacles in the Drawer", and mirrors
  5. "Nethescurial as an Egregore"
  6. The Last Feast of Harlequin
  7. The Spectacles in the Drawer
  8. Flowers of the Abyss
  9. The Dreaming in Nortown
  10. The Mystics of Muelenburg
  11. In The Shadow Of Another World
  12. The Night School
  13. The Glamour
  14. The Library of Byzantium
  15. Miss Plarr
  16. The Shadow at the Bottom of the World