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  20. The Agonizing Resurrection of TLO
  21. The Agonizing Resurrection of Thomas Ligotti Online
  22. "Mrs. Rinaldi's Angel" Online in PDF Format
  23. Two Tracks from Ligotti's THE UNHOLY CITY Uploaded to TLO
  24. "The Masters' Eyes Shining With Secrets"
  25. Thomas Ligotti: A Bibliography UPDATED
  26. "The Bungalow House" Reading by Jon Padgett
  27. Thomas Ligotti Online Resurrected After Hacking Attempt
  28. "The Fairy Killer" by Quentin S. Crisp (Exclusive)
  29. TLO Streaming Multimedia Unleashed Upon the Masses
  30. Scheduled Server Maintenance for Monday, June Sixth
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  37. Thomas Ligotti Online - Ninth Anniversary
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  44. TLO Member G. S. Carnivals Promoted to Our Temporary Supervisor
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  57. THOMAS LIGOTTI ONLINE - Twelfth Anniversary
  58. New TLO Style - Dead Dreamer
  59. Animosity is a Curious Animal Indeed
  60. "Suicide Watch" by Quentin S. Crisp (TLO Exclusive)
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  62. Thomas Ligotti Online - Twelfth Anniversary
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  68. Thomas Ligotti Online - Fifteenth Anniversary
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  71. The Most Shocking Thing About HBO’s ‘True Detective’
  72. Writer Nic Pizzolatto on Thomas Ligotti and the Weird Secrets of ‘True Detective’
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  74. Thomas Ligotti Online - Seventeenth Anniversary
  75. Ligotti/TRUE DETECTIVE Discussion, VALHALLA RISING Podcast + Nicolas Refn Interview
  76. Thomas Ligotti Online - Eighteenth Anniversary
  77. Available for Pre-Order: THE SECRET OF VENTRILOQUISM by Jon Padgett
  78. Thomas Ligotti Online - Nineteenth Anniversary
  79. Thomas Ligotti Online - 20 Year Anniversary