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  1. Is Your Personal Philosophy Similar to Ligotti's?
  2. Better Never To Have Been
  3. Antinatalism- The Greatest Taboo
  4. Interview with John Gray
  5. The Temple of the Doll
  6. Qualia
  7. Assisted Suicide
  8. Some Psychological-Philosophical Comments on My Poetry
  9. Philosophy and the supernatural
  10. Thomas Metzinger
  11. The Beat Poet: Kerouac and His Philosophy
  12. Informational Monism
  13. The philosophy of Bill Murray
  14. Mindless Mirrors
  15. Free Will
  16. Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series
  17. Book: Haunted Universe - The True Knowledge of Enlightenment
  18. Book: Being No One
  19. Who Is It Who Knows There Is No Ego?
  20. The Uncanny Faithful Christian Seizure
  21. Suicide as an evolutionary adaptive behavior
  22. Cotard's delusion
  23. Enthusiastic about Boredom: not as much of an oxymoron as it sounds.
  24. The Suicide of a Human Puppet
  25. The Ego Tunnel
  26. I am increasingly concerned that at the centre of my soul lurks a terrifying blanknes
  27. Richard Dawkins on The Horror of Existence
  28. My Work Is Not Yet Done (Unfortunately)
  29. Reactions to Pessimistic Conversation
  30. What We Are
  31. Writing Horror is good for your health
  32. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
  33. The Absurd Man blog
  34. How Doctors Die
  35. India offers prizes for Voluntary Sterilization
  36. The Metaphysics Of Annihilation
  37. “well, life is unfair”
  38. Dutch Mobile Euthanasia Units
  39. Dogmatic Science - Tesla Versus Edison
  40. Against Anti-Humanism and the Conspiracy?
  41. The Illusion of Self
  42. lost in time
  43. The Fear of Nothingness
  44. slime dynamics by ben woodard
  45. Charles Bukowski on Work
  46. Want the shortest path to the good life? Try cynicism
  47. Cathrianity
  48. The Optimism Delusion - David Benatar responds to Richard Dawkins.
  49. Ligotti lauds Antinatalism video
  50. R.I.P Sundog
  51. Antinatalism - list of books, articles and quotes (last update: 24.11.2017)
  52. Our personal own progress
  53. Eugene Thacker's "In the Dust of this Planet" and others
  54. Clarence Darrow: America's Schopenhauer
  55. Deep Sleep as Non-Being?
  56. Some considerations on death, existence, and Antinatalism
  57. Cosmic Indifference
  58. Another perspective in the antinatalist debate
  59. We are not "biochemical puppets"?
  60. Against Antinatalism
  61. We are the dead
  62. Existential vs. Teleological Man
  63. How do you cope?
  64. What's Wrong with Modern Life?
  65. The Snare of Sentience
  66. To Live Forever
  67. Attempting to discuss "happiness"
  68. Animals
  69. The Politics of Experience by R.D. Laing - the madness of normality, and so on
  70. E.M. Cioran on H.P. Lovecraft
  71. Religious immortality
  72. Terence Mckenna - The Living Dead
  73. Desire as Dead Affect
  74. Gurdjieff and Gnosticism
  75. On the nature of nothingness
  76. In the Dust of This Planet: Horror of Philosophy vol. 1
  77. Literary Criticism hermeneutics, Magnetics Metrics and Pneumatological Scholarship
  78. Physicist George Ellis defends philosophy against recent attacks from scientists
  79. The Difference Between Philosophers and Psychologists
  80. Thoughts on Parents, Kids, Rights, etc.
  81. Free speech, political correctness, conversational in/tolerance and first principles
  82. Boethius and cosmic insignificance
  83. Intertwining of philosophy and fiction
  84. Faith vs Fact
  85. Essay on antinatalism translated into Mandarin
  86. Moral Nihilism and 'As If' Morality.
  87. Philosophies of the Depressed
  88. Dawkins and the perils of Atheist Crusading
  89. Advice for aspiring monks
  90. Thread for Specific Philosophers and/or Philosophical Movements
  92. This conversation has taken place before.
  93. Men without Chests
  94. Dostoevsky contra Life
  95. Has science replaced philosophy
  96. A visual essay I made on antinatalism
  97. The Great Forgetting
  98. Positive Moral Arguments for Reproduction?
  99. Suicide and Authenticity
  100. Nihilistic password security questions
  101. Self-driving cars will lack first law of robotics
  102. South Korea's Anti-Suicide Schools
  103. A Concord (New Hampshire) Monitor Perspective on Antinatalism
  104. The Power of Pessimism
  105. Two books on pessimism
  106. Sadness at the Transience of the World
  107. Happy Birthday, St. Thomas Aquinas
  108. Maverick Philosopher on Zapffe
  109. Recommendations for introductions to philosophy?
  110. The Responsibilities of being an Antinatalist
  111. Art, Symbols, and the Weird
  112. Misanthropic Pessimism vs. Romantic Pessimism
  113. If the Conspiracy Failed
  114. Great podcast on Durrenmatt
  115. Durrenmatt: Borges is a Genius
  116. Cultural Relativism
  117. Antinatalism - new articles on Wikipedia and Wikiquote
  118. Brassier and Ligotti
  119. Against the Enlightenment
  120. Durrenmatt's Titus Andronicus
  121. Weltschmerz - New book out
  122. "The Human Predicament" - New David Benatar book.
  123. A wonderful demolition of Transhumanist nonsense
  124. Comfort
  125. "The Sorrows and the Shade"
  126. Value
  127. Arran James
  128. Antinatalism in mainstream press
  129. The Paradox of Choice
  130. Human obsolescence?
  131. Consciousness and What Lies Beneath
  132. David Benatar sums up antinatalism in 200 words for Oxford University Press interview
  133. "Another nail into the coffin of the rational individual"
  134. Astronomy and the round Earth
  135. Climate Change and the Right
  136. Children can sue for being born?
  137. The cyclical nature of the cosmos (headed for a new Dark Age)
  138. Philipp Mainlander
  139. New David Benatar essay (AEON)
  140. David Benatar interview
  141. Ananthropocentric Purposivism
  142. Antinatalism humor
  143. Pythagoreans and a pyrocentric universe
  144. David Benatar (Antinatalism) v Jordan Peterson
  145. Anti-Natalism, Can It Really Exist?