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  1. The Masque of the Red Death
  2. The Lady Ligeia is the Conqueror Worm
  3. Finding Poe among the Shadows
  4. The Poe Toaster
  5. Recent References to Poe
  6. Poe Videos
  7. Closed on Account of Rabies (E. A. Poe CD)
  8. Grip the Raven
  9. Anniversary Of Poe's Death
  11. Poe's 200th Birthday
  12. Edogawa Rampo
  13. Humour in Poe, Humour in Horror
  14. The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe, Leatherbound
  15. Official funeral for Edgar Allan Poe
  16. Edgar Allen Poe's Need For Darkness
  17. THE RAVEN: A Personal Comment
  18. The Fire-Fiend and the Raven
  19. Edgar Allan Poe
  20. Boston Reclaims Native Son Edgar Allan Poe With Statue, More
  21. 13 Haunting Facts About Poe's Death
  22. Poe in the Comics thru the Years