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  1. Is he an influence or just a (very) good read?
  2. The library of Babel
  3. Memory in Borges: Funes and The Zahir
  4. Borges: Some ideas For My Memoirs
  5. Macedonio Fernandez
  6. J. L. Borges: The Invention of the Real
  7. Borges and Time
  8. The Self in Lovecraft and Borges
  9. A Vanishing Borges
  10. Borges comments briefly on Lovecraft' "bogus" story
  11. Borges, Lovecraft: Shared Similarities
  12. Paris Review Interview of Borges
  13. Borges, A Personal Library
  14. El Aleph
  15. Today is the birthday of Jorge Luis Borges
  16. Borges: "Most Important 20th Century Writer"?
  17. Borges and God
  18. Self in Borges, Lovecraft
  19. Detective Fictions of Borges and Durrenmatt