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  1. Bowen Cthulhu Statue by Stephen Hickman on eBay
  2. Arkham Horror Boardgame on eBay
  3. SOLD - TAROVFAOGT Black Leather Lettered Edition
  4. TAROVFAOGT Black Leather at abebooks.com
  5. TAROVFAOGT Red Leather at abebooks.com
  6. TAROVFAOGT Black Leather on eBay
  7. IAFTIAFL etc. available at Ebay.de
  9. AKLO: A Volume of the Fantastic offered for trade
  10. Over 60 books available for trade, giveaway, whatever
  11. The Horror at Red Book
  12. Mythos Stuff
  13. I have TLO books for sale.
  14. Rare Ligotti Books Available Direct from Author
  15. SOLD - My Work Is Not Yet Done - Deluxe Edition
  16. SOLD - In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land
  17. Book of Jade (Durto Reprint)
  18. Songs of a Dead Dreamer (Silver Scarab Edition)
  19. TAROVFAOGT - Hard Cover
  20. Death Poems (Multiple Copies)
  21. SOLD - TAROVFAOGT Black Leather Lettered Edition
  22. Scarab Songs of a Dead Dreamer for sale
  23. Crampton For Sale
  24. In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land for sale
  25. SOLD. The Nightmare Factory for sale.
  26. Across the border - for sale
  27. Grimscribe 1st U.S. ed. HCDJ on eBay -- ends 07/18/06
  28. Ligotti overstock sale! Everything must go!
  29. Six Ligotti Books Against the Armies of Luther and Agog
  30. TAROVF-For Sale
  31. Ligotti Books For Sale
  32. TEATRO GROTTESCO - Decade Edition for sale
  33. The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler - Reggie Oliver HC
  34. Framed Ligotii art print for sale!
  35. Ligotti on ebay
  36. TAROVFAOGT Black Leather Lettered Edition
  37. Scarab Songs of a Dead Dreamer for sale
  38. Crampton - SIGNED - for sale
  39. 'The Nightmare Factory' for sale
  40. Teatro Grottesco Decade Edition for sale...
  41. Teatro Grottesco, Crampton, and Sideshow available
  42. TAROVF Hard back edition for sale
  43. Cthulhu Statue
  44. Death Poems & Crampton for sale Plus Machen
  45. Ligotti auctions
  46. The Green Lady's Collections
  47. Rare (40 copies) "Degenerate Little Town" on ebay
  49. Teatro Grotesco-Dutro Edition
  50. Current 93 - Since Yesterday video
  51. Songs of a Dead Dreamer- Uncorrected Proof
  52. Available for commission work
  53. Will Elliott's 'The Pilo Family Circus', free
  54. Ligotti and Oliver Books for Sale
  55. Signed Reggie Oliver = Swap For Stenbock Poems
  56. Godhead Dying Downwards for Sale.
  57. Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini for sale/trade
  58. TEATRO GROTTESCO (Limited 150) for sale
  59. The Nightmare Factory for sale
  60. Collapse Journal Vols 1-5
  62. TEATRO GROTTESCO (Limited 150) for sale
  63. A few items for sale
  64. Ligotti Hardcovers For Sale
  65. two rare collector's items
  66. Across the Border by Thomas Ligotti (SIGNED--1 of 52)
  67. Hardcover AGONIZING RESURRECTION for sale
  68. SIDESHOW AND OTHER STORIES (signed) by Thomas Ligotti
  69. For sale: 'This Degenerate Little Town' and 'I Have a Special Plan for This World'
  70. Austin Osman Spare Books Available
  71. Nothing to see here
  72. Signed Songs of a Dead Dreamer from Subterranean Press
  73. Cheap Nightmare Factory noticed
  74. For sale: lettered, traycased edition of 'The Shadow at the Bottom of the World'
  75. The Nightmare Factory, Signed MWINYD
  76. Want to get rid of my library
  77. Library For Sale: 60 books for $200
  78. My Work Is Not Yet Done - lettered, leather clamshell edition
  79. Limited edition of SOADD from Subterranean Press for sale
  80. For sale: Durtro edition of Crampton w/CD
  81. Considering sale of Durtro edition of Teatro Grottesco
  82. For Sale Teatro Grottesco /My Work Is Not Yet Done /Degenerate Little Town / Crampton
  83. Songs of a Dead Dreamer, HC, Carroll & Graf Edition, 1990
  84. For sale: Greek/English edition of I Have a Special Plan for this World
  85. RARE - Teatro Grottesco - Limited
  86. For Sale Black Leather Edition of The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein
  87. Selling New Copies of Mythos edn. Teatro Grottesco (& other rare non-Ligotti books)
  88. This Degenerate Little Town
  89. For Sale: Teatro Grottesco Decade Edition/Death Poems signed/ Crampton/ The Tenant
  90. Books for sale
  91. Sale: Nocturnal Products & Others
  92. Trade Edition Songs of a Dead Dreamer
  93. both subterranean trades
  94. Auction - Tartarus & Ex Occidente rarities
  95. Noctuary and Grimscribe hardcovers (1994 and 1991) to sell
  96. Durtro Ligotti volumes & CDs
  97. For Sale: Teatro Grottesco (Durtro) + Conspiracy 1st Ed
  98. For Sale: Centipede Agonizing Ressurection
  99. For Sale: Mythos Books Teatro Grottesco
  100. Ebay auction - Ligotti, Strantzas, Gavin and more
  101. Complete set of Ex Occidente and Passport Levant books with tons of extras on ebay
  102. Aickman, Angerhuber & others for sale
  103. Conspiracy, Songs, and Grimscribe Hardcovers For Sale
  104. Teatro Grottesco Durtro Decade Editon
  105. Stenbock Poems, Ancient Track, Saltus
  106. Mark Samuels ms, Jean Ray, Stenbock and other items
  107. Thomas Ligotti - This Degenerate Little Town
  108. FS: My Work Is Not Yet Done - Lettered copy
  109. FS: Teatro Grottesco - Durtro edition
  110. For Sale: The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein
  111. FS: I have a special plan booklet + Current 93 cd (Durtro)
  112. FS: Thomas Ligotti / Jason van Hollander art prints
  113. FS: Durtro edition of Ligotti's Teatro Grottesco
  114. FS: Subterranean Press Limited Edition Matching Set (SOADD, Grimscribe, Noctuary)
  116. FS: Durtro Teatro Grottesco
  117. FS: Nocturnal Products by Eddie M. Angerhuber
  118. FS: In einer fremden stadt (HC) / Collapse IV
  119. FS: Ghost Story Press books
  120. a few books
  121. FS: The Ghost of Fear & Others
  122. Subterranean Reprint set (Trade Edition)
  123. Lovecraftian rarity etc
  124. Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith Vol 1 - 5 + Misc. Writings (Night Shade)
  125. Reggie Oliver's Madder Mysteries
  126. For Sale: Subterranean Grimscribe/SOADD, Centipede TAROVFOGT
  127. Choice Ex Occidente and a few other Weird Tomes
  128. Signed copy of Songs of a dead dreamer - Silver Scarab Press
  129. FS/FT: Black Altars by Mark Samuels
  130. SOADD and Grimscribe Subterranean Trades need a good home...
  131. FS: Centipede TAROVFAOGT
  132. F.S. Ebay items, Ex Occidente, Subterranean Press etc
  133. *
  134. Many books for sale.
  135. *
  136. Conspiracy Against the Human Race, First, Signed & Noctuary, Carrol and Graf, Signed.
  137. *
  138. F.S. Ebay items, Ex Occidente, Subterranean Press etc
  139. My Work Is Not Yet Done for sale
  140. Mark Samuelas - The Face of Twilight (pb)
  141. Various Books For Sale
  142. aickman 1st eds, Tartarus rarity & KEW collections for sale.
  143. Ligotti, Samuels, Campbell, Hughes, Machen, Tartarus on ebay
  144. Simon Strantzas Beneath the surface, signed first edition on ebay
  145. early Tartarus and Ash Tree press on ebay
  146. Quentin Crisp, Rhys Hughes, Gary Fry, KEW etc on ebay
  147. Collected Strange Tales of Robert Aickman
  148. In A Foreign Town In a Foreign Place - Durtro 1st + cd
  149. Three early Tartraus Press books on ebay
  150. Last Day! Hollywood Original Art Sale: FREAS, PLOOG, WRIGHTSON
  151. TAROVFAOGT-Centipede-New, in cellophane-Anyone
  152. Ghost Story Press & Ash tree press books on ebay
  153. Grue #10 on eBay for 5 bucks
  154. Sideshow and Other Stories - HC lettered copy / ZZ
  155. Passport Levant/EO titles for sale
  156. Lovecraft Retrospective: Artists Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft Traycase Ed.
  157. The Nightmare Factory + Beneath the Surface
  158. Rare books for sale Ixaxaar, Xoanon, Three hand press
  159. Arthur Machen titles for sale
  160. FS: Darkside Press, Samuels, Lovecraft, Strange Attractor
  161. Roger Dobson's Tartarus Press books for sale
  162. The Nightmare Factory FS - decent condition
  163. ---
  164. Subterranean 'Noctuary', almost retail price
  165. Sub Press NOCTUARY and GRIMSCRIBE plus TARVFAOGT direct from Mr. Ligotti
  166. Ghostbusters 2 Original Prop, Artifact and Script Auction
  167. Early Ash Tree Press books on ebay
  168. Dagon 22/23 Ligotti double issue $35 on ebay (not my item)
  169. Dehischence
  170. Written by Daylight and A Dead Monument
  171. Count Stenbock Titles For Sale
  172. DURTRO editions: This Degenerate Little Town (edition of 40) + I Have a Special Plan
  173. Evans' Grand Sale of Weird Fiction
  174. Death Poems LEATHER edition
  175. Written by Daylight by John Howard, going cheap
  176. selling my copy Master of Fallen Years - Ghost Story Press - Vincent O'Sullivan $200
  177. Jean Ray "THE HORRIFYING PRESENCE" (Ex Occidente) for sale
  178. FS: Ex Occidente/Zagava, Centipede, etc.
  179. FS Tartarus Press titles and other books of interest
  180. MWINYD, collector's boxed, signed special edition
  181. Subterranean signed/limited SoaDD, Grimscribe, and Noctuary
  182. Books for sale Ash tree Press and Midnight House
  183. Ex Occidente, The Master In Café Morphine: A Homage To Mikhail Bulgakov
  184. Moving overseas, selling my books
  185. Subterranean Press Songs Of A Dead Dreamer for sale
  186. Sub Press limited signed Ligotti on eBay
  187. Doktorh's Garage Sale: Sideshow, Death Poems, In a foreign town!
  188. Bierce, Jackson, & Nabokov Library Of America Editions For Sale
  189. Centipede Press collection for sale
  190. Books for sale Oliver, Machen, and Ligotti
  191. Books for sale, cheap - Campbell, Barron, Tanith Lee, Kim Newman, Lovecraft etc.
  192. Rare Machen, Ex Occ, Derleth etc for sale
  193. Some Books for Sale
  194. Books for sale - TL, CRK, Subterranean, etc.
  195. Two rare books by Gerard Houarner
  196. Nurse With Wound -- Soundpooling CD
  197. Rare books for sale on Ebay: Aickman, Centipede, Samuels, etc.
  198. Black Altars - Mark Samuels
  199. Lee Brown Coye - Where Is Abby? Audio LP
  200. Weird Fiction Crisp, Cannon & Metcalfe Books for Sale
  201. Rare books for sale Ixaxaar, Xoanon, Three hand press
  202. [NEW ITEMS] eBay sales: Centipede, Ex Occidente / Zagava, etc.
  203. Rare Ex Occ books for sale
  204. Centipede and Ex Occidente books for sale
  205. Large Tartarus Press sale, mostly Arthur Machen
  206. For Sale: Mark Samuels Written in Darkness, Thomas Owen, Reggie Oliver, & more
  207. For sale: Oliver, Samuels, Strantzas
  208. Tartarus, Centipede, Mark Samuels, Machen and other rare books for sale
  209. For sale: The Madman of Tosterglope by Louis Marvick
  210. For sale: Occultation by Laird Barron (1st edition Night Shade Hardcover)
  211. FS: Teatro Grottesco - Sealed Durtro Reg HC & Sealed Durtro Ltd HC
  212. For sale: The Siren of Montmartre bu Leopold Nacht (L'homme Recent/Ex Occidente)
  213. Valentine and Valentine books
  214. Centipede, Ex Occidente, Zagava, Reggie Oliver, etc. mega sale
  215. Various Ex Occidente items for sale
  216. Ash-Tree Press titles
  217. A Mountain Walked Centipede Press / Samuels Written in Darkness
  218. Centipede Press - The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein
  219. Several rare items for sale on Ebay.
  220. Selling TL Books, incl. Subterraneans
  221. The Consumer by Michael Gira
  222. A few books for sale, Ex Occidente, Machen, Richard Gavin
  223. Written in Darkness by Mark Samuels (Egaeus)
  224. Noctuary 1994 Hardcover
  225. Jean Ray and Ron Weighell RARE books on eBay!
  226. Ash tree press and other books on eBay!
  227. Thomas Ligotti Books for sale
  228. Some books by Ex Occidente and Zagava
  229. A Distillate of Heresy by Damian Murphy
  230. A few rare editions...
  231. A Midwinter Entertainment (Egaeus Press)
  232. Sideshow and Other Stories
  233. Across The Border: More Tales of Corporate Horror
  234. Limited Lovecraft Edition Update
  235. The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein softcover
  236. The White Hands, by Mark Samuels
  237. The Little One by Quentin S. Crisp
  238. Visions Through A Shattered Lens by Gerard Houarner
  239. Thomas Ligotti - Songs of a Dead Dreamer - Subterranean Press 1st Edition HB OOP
  240. Transactions of the Flesh: A tribute to J.K. Huysmans (Ex Occidente/Zagava)
  241. Book Sale - Gavin/Benighted Path, Kubin/Drawings, Ex Occ, Side Real
  242. Small Press Books
  243. Centipede Frankenstein #402 for sale
  244. Agonizing resurrection of victor frankenstein (hardcover)
  245. Zothique Prism Limited Edition Release
  246. Ligotti and Friends For Sale
  247. Set: all 5 TL books from Subterranean Press - Signed Limited Editions
  248. FS: Mark Samuels several titels
  249. FS: several Ligotti books (moving and they need to go)
  250. SOADD (Subterranean Deluxe Hardcover Edition) and more