View Full Version : Self-driving cars will lack first law of robotics

10-23-2015, 09:32 AM
I read this article about the necessity of programming self-driving cars to kill, and found it interesting:


Among other thoughts I had, the following stand out for me:

These guys say that even though there is no right or wrong answer to these questions, public opinion will play a strong role in how, or even whether, self-driving cars become widely accepted.

How do they know there's no right or wrong answer? This seems a bit cavalier. They shrug and say, "We don't know what's moral, really, so we'll put it to the vote." And this, in itself, betrays the implicit belief that the only morality is that of the majority (and/or of money since they are thinking of this majority in terms of whether they'll buy the cars).

And secondly, the survey found (this doesn't surprise me) that most people's morality is utilitarian. The article states:

This utilitarian approach is certainly laudable...

Is it, though?

This has become the unquestioned orthodoxy (of which the negative variety is very familiar to us on these message boards).

Anyway, I was left with an impression that a total lack of engagement in philosophical/moral issues is 'interfacing' with an increasing ability to make this philosophical confusion one with life-and-death consequences.