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Jeff Coleman
11-26-2016, 10:34 AM
I recently stumbled upon a promising looking contemporary author named Arran James. Thought he might be of interest here.

He seems similar to Eugene Thacker, in that he writes about pessimism in a somewhat academic way (and also writes prose pieces.)

I haven't read enough by him yet to give much of an idea of his particular style and obsessions, but he is definitely in Ligottian territory.

His blog: catastrophic edge | - em cioran (https://atthecatastrophicedge.wordpress.com/)

Out of what I've read there so far there, I particularly like these two posts:

telepathy with nothing | catastrophic edge (https://atthecatastrophicedge.wordpress.com/2015/08/20/telepathy-with-nothing/)

"Ann Kavan, 'The Fog': ‘They reminded me of Japanese dragon-masks and also of the subhuman nightmare mask-faces in some of Esnor’s paintings. These faces grimacing at me through the fog had the same sort of slightly eerie repulsiveness of masks, of walking and talking things, not really alive. They’d have repelled me if they’d been human beings’.

"They talk about nullity as Wholeness: as experience of a Higher Power (code: God). The only experience of Wholeness known by humanity is in the womb: in that perfect wet warm darkness before the violence of separation. Or why stop there? The true Wholeness is the Emptiness prior to consciousness’s most meagre flickering. Back before birth. Back in the nullity prior to matter and idea.


"We are the ardent dreamers who believe in the dreaming. The lunatic in pleasant madness, the junkie in her thoughtless sleep, the degenerative dementing brain: these are our enemies that we must combat. They are threats to the dreaming that dreams us. Wisps to be washed away. Vapour and error."

miraculous | catastrophic edge (https://atthecatastrophicedge.wordpress.com/2015/08/07/miraculous/)

"Your brain reaches the end of something. Its tether, you suppose. You have been awake too long. In this intoxicated lucidity even the voices of loved ones take on the violence of an assault. Your own thoughts become rapists of silence. The projector illuminates the darkness of this dark room. A single square of deep blue on the white wall gone black with shadows.

"Whenever you access this vaguest vagueness of sensation you are rapt by its acute chronicity. You always feel this way and you are always fleeing from feeling this way. You think of the times in supermarket checkout queues when the urge to burst into tears seized you inexplicably.

"This is the feeling that comes in the silences. You welcome it and cultivate it now. It is the most real that you feel as the tears want to rise up and be shed, to pour themselves out of this vessel ridden with its daylight certainties."

He also has writing at these sites:

Arran James | synthetic zero (https://syntheticzero.net/author/arranjames/)

sometimes explode's blog (http://libcom.org/blog/sometimesexplode)

Arran James - Academia.edu (https://independent.academia.edu/ArranCrawford/Psychopolitics)