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Cyril Tourneur
11-03-2008, 09:16 PM
Exmortis 1

Exmortis (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/189227)

Exmortis 2

Exmortis 2 (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/303832)

Goliath the Soothsayer

Goliath The Soothsayer (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/422645)

Scuttlebuggery is the latest flash oddity from super-stylish gothic design studio My Pet Skeleton // (http://www.mypetskeleton.com/). It's sort of like a game of liquid soccer played between beetles with drops of absinthe and formaldehyde. Is that clear?

My Pet Skeleton Presents // Scuttlebuggery (http://www.scuttlebuggery.com/)

Dad n Me is a very violent but oddly satisfying fighting game in which you are a young monster wreaking havoc in a schoolyard and around town. The animation is smooth and detailed, and the fight system, though using only two keys, is very complex, with lots of combos and special moves. There are many dynamic objects in the game, too, which can be hit, picked up, thrown, and blown up. Yes, oddly satisfying.

Dad n Me (http://www.freeworldgroup.com/games2/gameindex/dadnme.htm)

11-04-2008, 01:10 PM
Dad and Me is a great game thanks for sharing it!!! I will check out the others and get back to you!!!