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04-22-2005, 01:01 AM

Doctor Munoz
04-22-2005, 07:18 AM
The first German cannibal in modern criminal history.
The first German Pope in many centuries.
A meaningless coincidence.
However, catholics are all ritual cannibals of their God, through the Holy Communion. Someone might say the opposite is just the case; we are customarily devoured by God (sooner or later).
There is a good story about this concept: "Faith of Our Fathers" by Phillip K. Dick. He is, admittedly, a lesser writer in terms of literate style but he has an awesome imagination. This gnostic story about the "devouring god" is my favorite Dick story.
All things considered, there are many ways of fulfilling the role of God's supper. Being eaten by a German psycho is one of the less appealing.

That which plagues Henri Kiss
04-22-2005, 08:05 AM
It copyists in the act one feels sorry for.

Saying that though it does expose the strangness of local law country to country.

We have one in the UK which allows you to Kill a Welsh person with a Bow and Arrow, if they are within the walls or town center/square of Hereford (small market town upon the border with Wales in central west England) but they have to be at least 30 yards away...if my memory serves me well.

A similer law existed in Carlisle to deal with Scots, but I belive that had a different distance and a Crossbow was the weapon of choice.

I remember Dennis Neilsen said Thank God when the police knocked upon his door!

04-22-2005, 11:39 PM
One of the stories I remember from high school mythology class was when the Titan Cronos devoured his children because of some prophecy or dream that they would usurp his power. His wife, wanting to save one of her children, disguised a rock in a blanket and he ate that instead of his son. That son was Zeus - and he did later fulfill the prophecy. He and his sibs, the Olympian Gods, defeated the Titans. That must have been a sight. I also learned a cool word: Theomachy - a battle between or against gods.

The type of cannibalism that I always found fascinating is "spiritual anthropophagy." The consumption of human flesh to absorb the spirit. The Catholic Eucharist is one example. I saw an interesting documentary on cannibalism on PBS years ago. I hope I am recounting this correctly: An anthropologist theorized that the most technologically advanced indian tribe in North America, the Pueblo Indians, performed acts of cannibalism. This was based on markings on bone that showed cut marks were the tendons joined muscle to bone. He also pointed out that Pueblo architecture had similarities to Aztec structures. Could the Aztecs, this lost civilization, renowned for both its intelligence and barbarity, have migrated to North America? Despite the protests of indian activists who thought he was turning indians into 'savages,' he continued his work. A geneticist later proved that, indeed, the Pueblos did consume human flesh (apparently, if you eat human flesh a certain enzyme is absorbed into your bones).

Doctor Munoz,

Thanks for recommending FAITH OF OUR FATHERS by Philip K. Dick. I haven't read much of his fiction, and what I have, I only thought was ok, but that sounds interesting. Philip K. Dick is an intriguing character. He used to tell people he was being followed by 'men in black.' Everyone thought he was paranoid, but when the Freedom of Information act was passed, declassified FBI documents showed that he was being followed. I think it had something to do with his drug related novels. Near the end of his life he encountered God, and had spiritual visions. He recounted these episodes in almost 8,000 pages of handwritten text in what he named Exegesis. A selection of which, are compiled in the book THE PURSUIT OF VALIS, which makes for some interesting reading. Also, I am a big BLADE RUNNER fan, which is a movie based on his novel DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP.

The Silent One
04-23-2005, 12:47 AM
The Campbell story "Cold Print" has a sort of fetishistic view of anthropophagy (great word :) ) that ties into the concept of submitting one's self to consumption. This also ties into a very Ligottian concept: a being that can possess anyone and willing submission to it. Also, the Freudian Thanatos Complex is involved; Namely, enjoying death.

Doctor Munoz
04-24-2005, 02:38 PM
Hi bendk. I'm sure you will enjoy "Faith of our Fathers". It has a chilling blasphemous climax where the usual dickian "pulpy style" (TL dixit) flares unexpectly.
Now the right to speak to Phillip K.Dick himself: " The title is that of an old hymn. I think, with this story, I managed to offend everybody, which seemed at the time to be a good idea, but which I've regretted since. Communism, drugs, sex, God -- I put it all together, and it's been my impression since that when the roof fell in on me years later, this story was in some eerie way involved."

"The type of cannibalism that I always found fascinating was "spiritual anthropophagy." The consumption of human flesh to absorb the spirit. The Catholic Eucharist is one example." You can find others in the web. Once I chanced upon a vampire web community. The members were people who enjoyed drinking blood from others who willingly allowed this. No criminal offence I assume. If you were on the squeamish side of vampirism you could practice psychological vampirism drawing spiritual energy from others willing to... do whatever you do to allow someone to prey on you. The whole thing seemed to me really unhealthy, considering the wide range of vitamims available. Just a fanciful costume for the usual sadist masochist relationship I guess.

Thanks for the interesting reference to the ritual cannibalism of the "Indios Pueblo". Unlike the Indian activist you refer to, I donīt think that debases a culture. It just make it more alien to us.