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02-01-2009, 11:28 PM
The regenerative ability of the serpent to extend its life by shedding its skin periodically is for the primary purpose of removing external parasites. Snakes shed the outer layer of skin (a process known as sloughing) in a single piece, unlike mammals who are continuously shedding skin cells. (Most household dust is made up of the sloughed skin of humans!). This periodic renewal has led to the snake being a symbol of healing and medicine. As a ‘social animal’, mankind suffers because of the heavy load of the parasitic social decadents--degenerate systems like religion, government, mechanical social systems that have been overruling them since long. He will benefit most if he can, like some reptiles shed their skin, get rid of these parasitic and degenerate systems. Man lived for millions of years without these mechanical systems and thus faced no catastrophic problems that threatened his extinction, as a species, then.

As modern man, when we are traveling in the Jet Age and in the spaceship or sailing through the turbulent oceans, and is caught in diabolic whirlwinds, as is the case today, any individual escape is meaningless and even futile. In order to make our co-travelers understand the problem of the present going, we have to speak a language understandable to all the jet-age travelers. We are part of the problem and we speak from within the perimeters of the closed box of the problem (highly mechanized societal systems) we live in modern society, which includes its methodologies, all of which however constitute hardly much less than one percent of the real cognition process. So the real world lies much outside of us, much outside the modern society. I think this heavy poisonous and lifeless load has resulted to severe the evolutionary link between the human and the modern man and thus we miserally fail to convey the real crucial message.

In this context, an often quoted Sufi parable comes to my minds. Sufi stories are full of humor, but these stories are said to have seven layers of meaning that speak to us at different developmental stages of our life."One dark night a dervish was passing a dry well when he heard a cry for help from below. 'What is the matter?' he called down. 'I am a grammarian, and I have unfortunately fallen, due to my ignorance of the path, into this deep well, in which I am now all but immobilized,' responded the other. 'Hold friend, and I'll fetch a ladder and a rope,' said the dervish. 'One moment, please!' said the grammarian. 'Your grammar and diction are faulty; be good enough to amend them.' 'If that is so much more important than the essentials,' shouted the dervish, 'you had best stay where you areuntil I have learned to speak properly.' And he went [on] his way"Here, what is the relationship between this Sufi story and humankind's ability to remember ourindigenous pathways toward knowing and understanding? Overall this story is making reference to the dark night of the scholar, which Jurgen W. Kremer has described as ". . . a descent into the darkness and chaos thus far excommunicated from the field of legitimate inquiry" ; this descent is represented by the grammarian falling into the well. The grammarian represents the received epistemological (ways of knowing) paradigm of EuroAmerican science, whose analytic orientation has become so all consuming that it has become an end in itself. It is this ignorance of theepistemological path or our pathways to knowing that has resulted in the grammarian's misfortune of falling into a dry well from which he cannot escape. The dervish in this story represents those of us that are wandering through the darkness in search of deeper and more highly integrated patterns of wholeness. This search for wholeness is also the search for relationship, the search for family, and the hope of keeping a marriage together.The grammarian is unable to free himself from the well because he refuses to abandon the quest for truth and understanding as it has been defined by EuroAmerican science. The grammarian represents the kind of person that refuses to believe that "global warming" is a crisis that all the nations of the world, especially the industrial nations, need to be doing something about. People that are oriented toward the grammarian's worldview have lost sight of the essential meaning of the philosophy of life: how does it enrich us? Grammarian's seem to be oblivious to the essential existential problems facing us in our everyday world. Telling us that before we can begin to deal with any of these essentials we must first correct our grammar, that is, we must first demonstrate without a doubt that the scientific indicators pointing to the dangers of "global warming" are statistically significant. Arguing from this point of view, the grammarian continues to say that the scientific data being collected to support global warming are insignificant compared to the overall geological time scale.

Therefore, like the wandering dervish, those of us that have become concerned about global warming and many other related social and environmental crises would like to tell the grammarian that if our strict adherence to the worldview of EuroAmerican science is more important than the essentials of "getting out of the well," that he had better stay where he is until we have learned to speak properly. Unlike the story of the grammarian and the dervish, we cannot walk away entirely. This is because the growing a number of social and environmental crises are not localized problems that simply affect one person, like the grammarian: they affect all of our lives, consequently there is nowhere on Earth that we can go to escape them.

Today, mankind is weakening and shrinking fast due to the heavy and poisonous load of degenerating mechanical systems (of both social and material varieties) that he is bound to carry day in and day out. In an over-technical world, body and mind no longer exist. Life becomes only a part of a greater technical and chemical thought process. Mathematical equations intrude into human relations. We learn, for example, through the doctrine of guilt by association, the simple equation that the enemies of our enemies have to be our friends and that the friends of our enemies have to be our enemies- as if only simple addition of positive and negative signs exist by which to evaluate human beings.

Any mechanical device, including the hi-tech houses, is a temporary solution of protection to man. The famous Tajmahal(one of the seven wonders in the world), or any palace or a mansion-like modern house is a beautiful superstructure to the eyes. But what if there is a flooding of Tajmahals, palaces, or the modern mansions that are built not merely by natural materials but non-cyclical, poisonous chemical materials and that, by remaining as non-bio degradable there, for generations, become heavy liabilities for nature and the living species, including man, and which actually is the state of the world today. This is like expecting the snakes to carry their periodically discarded skins with many added beautiful frills and other decorations that last much longer than the snakes themselves. The dispute or the problem—as popularly debated in the world today -- is not over the question of this sort developments (vitiations) but over the inequality in the sharing of the real waste –many say this as ‘progress’--when some says the rich becomes ‘richer’ (of vitiations) and poor, poorer.

Perils of Remembering
Forgetting or resting or sleeping is the law of nature. Everything in nature, including man, sleeps, takes rest or forgets for varying intervals. Sleeping or taking rest or forgetting prepares man for better health and growth to newer evolutionary stages in the life. However, it is seen that most of the man-made systems and machines do not take rest or forget which result in their non-growth or stagnation. These man-made systems or machines are the tools of remembering the past that encourage only their replications. By becoming the tool of his own tool, modern man too has become an object of remembering, rendering him restless and thus unable to progress to newer evolutionary stages of life. For millions of years, man had no tool or systems to promote remembering, like the modern development printing and photography. Hence, in the past, human life too did not merely repeat but creatively involved to newer and higher life forms that made man to be the crown of all creations.

However, with the ‘progress ’and development of the tools of remembering and its fast spreading, human life has not only been made merely repeating and dormant but also has reduced man to be the slave of his own systems or as just another tool of remembering.

Today in living by depending on tools of remembering and repetition, man simply cannot afford to forget his past; he is bound to follow other people and the world in life—just mechanically. Remembering mechanically evokes biochemical change in brain and heavy load of remembering renders man simply a mechanical being. A sign/symbol of remembering is not necessarily a "physical stimulus," but can evoke a biochemical change in brain state that is then translated into a linguistic statement. Now the "meaning" of the sign/symbol hasobviously been stored in memory as a "mental image," but the "remembering" of this image is triggered by the sign/symbol.

Modern man is out of touch with the reality of nature, he lives in the world of collective obsessions, the world of systems and fictions with which modern man has surrounded himself. French Philosopher Rousseau give us some hints on the evils of mechanically generated remembering (reflection), a couple of centuries back. He wrote: “Consider the frightful disorders which printing has produced in Europe. Wherever science arises, the moral health of the nation decays. It was even a saying among the philosophers themselves that since learned men had appeared, honest men were nowhere to be found. I venture to declare that a state of reflection is contrary to nature; and that a thinking man (an “intellectual,” as we would now say) is a depraved animal. It would be better to abandon our over rapid development of the intellect, and to aim rather at training the heart and the affections. Education does not make a man good; it only makes him clever–usually for mischief. Instinct and feeling are more trustworthy than reason.”

So long as man remained well anchored to nature, and as nature was in control of all life forms in nature, he, as the child of Mother Nature, got himself evolved and progressed to be the crown of all creation. But once man began to take control of nature and his evolution by getting himself mechanically de-linked from nature, with the development of modern science, and started sailing into the turbulent seas (terrains) of nature in his mechanically built mega ship, man has started to feel that he has been abandoned in the high seas like the master-abandoned Alsatian dog or an abandoned broiler children

We have critically challenged and altered the millions of years long stable and unchallenged status quo of nature, which will surely have its massive repercussion that may not only challenge and alter the status quo of the challenger of nature but also may not leave any of its trace to survive so that we may not pose another challenge to nature.

Man sleeps well under the sovereignty of Nature

In any system, natural or man-made, the leader or the controller does not sleep; only the led, the controlled sleeps, Man sleeps; nature does not stop working, it does not stop controlling or leading the development in nature.

Man cannot survive without sleep and he cannot sleep without belief or dependency on nature. Therefore man cannot survive without dependency or belief in the goodness and sovereignty of nature which most people explain in different names; some regard nature as their God.

For billions of years, nature controlled everything in nature, including man, and so man had sound sleep and no much basic problems that threatened his existence, as a species. But the problem today is that man has no sound sleep because he has suddenly taken over the charge of leadership and control from nature, with a promise to control even nature itself. And this sleeplessness -- in the fast life of today, man in said to have no time to take his time, for the leader controller cannot sleep -- is endangering his survivability faster.

Man’s security and development, which nature maintained by the mechanism of values in society that resulted in his evolution as the ‘pride and crown of all creations’ , were automatic in operation for millions of years. However once man took control not only of his own security and development but also of other species and started only lib service to values in society and began to depend on paid security and development (which only money can guarantee), human security and development suddenly became manual and mechanical. But the crux of the problem is that man can guarantee even this fragile and mechanical security and development only up to a point so far as money can keep its, mechanical value and attraction. The moment money ceases its charm, human security and development, as a consequence of this unnatural interference, will end up in the hands of man’s own evil destructive forces—namely the machines.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
--German philosopher (1788 - 1860)