View Full Version : Lord Halifax's Complete Ghost Book & a certain Mr Montague Summers.

07-12-2009, 01:47 PM
Hello everybody. Sorry to be so bothersome with questions of late but my other likely avenues of research are.. indisposed at present. (I've posted this on a few other sites as well)

At the moment I'm looking into the few supernatural stories written by the ever illusive Montague Summers. One of these; "The Tweenie" (later reprinted as The Between-Maid)is supposed to be included in some editions of the oft reprinted collection Lord Halifax's Ghost Book. Irritatingly the copy I have been able to lay my hands on seems to lack this story. Could anyone clarify a printing which is known to contain "The Tweenie”?

Secondly does anyone know if Summers grand total of two fictional outings have ever been printed together? Me thinks there's an opportunity for a chapbook somewhere here.