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Julian Karswell
08-17-2009, 08:13 PM
This is the heavy, heavy monster sound....the nuttiest sound around:

YouTube - Madness - One Step Beyond

[Eat you heart out, Quentin Tarantino.]

Don't call me Scarface!

YouTube - The Specials - Gangsters

Hey folks, and folkesses and lurkers of the abyss, I'm sorry not to to have been around for a while, despite being more of a thread starter than a Frasier Crane listener, but I've been horrendously tied up with life stuff, most importantly, a trial social experiment, in which we've separated our identical twin boys with very similar autism, by way of seeing whether they benefit from individual care & tuition, what with all the logistical hassle that involves, factoring in any emotional trauma and settling-in in the process, to say nothing of their own individual anxieties, which must be immense, given their plight, but as I keep saying to my youngest James - named after James Gatz incidentally, just as Edwin as is named after the Drood character, ha ha ha, I'm such a mad literary freak - you never can predict the future - far less the past - and don't you know that god is pooh bear?

Unable to find an interesting Pooh Bear link on Youtube I lazily opted for this glorious piece of musical history:

YouTube - The Human League - Being Boiled (1982)

08-17-2009, 08:46 PM
Madness is good fun. Thank you!