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Seventy-seven pages of short stories bound in brilliant soft red covers Ė feeling exquisite to the fingers while reading. Published 2005. The book is 8.25 inches by 5.75 inches. D.F. Lewis, in kindness, mailed me a copy of the book and the delivery is a story in itself. Letís just say that Air Mail is not all itís cracked up to be.

The stories are mostly dark and gently disturbing -- there are a few exemptions. The tales are relatively short, but the writing is fine. I am not going to name all the stories and give you the plot of each one. Why should I? If you are going to buy the book, you should find that out yourself.

Thereís a difference to this book you need to know! Stories are anonymous. You wonít know who wrote them until NEMO 6 is published in 2006. Reading the stories I tried to guess if each writer is male or female. Iíll let you guess yourself about that as well.

The story that totally grossed me out the most is New Science. SPOILER ALERT: I just couldnít get any pleasure in kissing someone that had been coughing up blood -- and I wish it had ended there, but it doesn't -- if you know what I mean. Even though this story bothered me the most in content, it is in fact the raw emotional content that makes it my favorite story in the book. The author pulls no punches. I consider New Science a masterpiece.

Another story I fancied is Driving In Circles. It was as though I was in the back seat and I felt like screaming myself in places.

If you like strange stories, but well written prose Ė you are in for a major treat. I recommend this book highly. Iím excited to find out the names of the authors of these stories. Please note that although Iíve just mentioned two titles, I enjoyed most of the stories greatly.

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Thanks for writing that review of Nemo Book 5, Barry. Very kind of you.

Hope you've recovered from NEW SCIENCE!