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I found this bit interesting:

Pollinators such as bees and bats often have specific tongue lengths and pollination behaviors that have evolved along with the species of plants they pollinate.

I wonder if genetic modification of crops is also a factor here. It's not mentioned, but if bees and bats have evolved in association with particular species, then surely genetically modified species would throw that all out of whack.

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If I may, I will finish the story. These scientists will be ignored (godless liberal eggheads with no common sense). The destruction of our environment will continue as will the spread of the human plague. When the #### hits the fan - a matter of when, not of if - it will be viewed as divine wrath by the moronic majority. The sinful homos and god haters must be dealt with in order to appease our benevolent creator. Hence bloodshed in unthinkable proportions.

It is all so historically predictable it is funny in a "humanity is pathetic" sort of way.

This is true. The cause is also agonisingly clear:

The bees are being sexually repressed by the Union of Southern Baptist Churches which are themselves under the control of a secret international cabal of Republicans probably - in fact almost certainly - governed by the corpse of Ronald Reagan reanimated and made to live again by dark Republican magick (it is an open secret that there is a copy of the Dee Necronomicon rebound in the covers of John E. Lee's Splendours and Traditions of the Old South kept at Yale University Library).

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Damn, that was funny.

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This would seem an appropriate place for this:


Hope the link works.

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Presumably the Republicans will be against bees in anything, because, although they are hard workers, they are also communists, and matriarchal.

It's intetesting to note, actually, that the article in American Scientist makes no mention of pesticides as a possible factor in Colony Collapse Disorder. It makes me wonder whether pressure has been put on them by chemical manufacturers.

"The Vanishing of the Bees" Interview with Maryam Henein, George Langworthy and David Hackenberg - YouTube