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Banned Users
Username Reason Ban date Lift date Banned by
ZombieAudrey Nice try 01-24-2017 Never Dr. Locrian
fifa17bella sp 01-24-2017 Never Dr. Locrian
Spectral Cat Unhinged 01-24-2017 Never Dr. Locrian
poonamjs143 Spammer! 01-18-2017 Never Dr. Bantham
lw789 Spammer 01-16-2017 Never Dr. Locrian
wyadmin Spammer! 01-14-2017 Never Dr. Bantham
lovejs143 Spammer! 01-14-2017 Never Dr. Bantham
Nove1992 Spammer! 01-04-2017 Never Dr. Bantham
fifa17sara Spammer 12-28-2016 Never Dr. Locrian
vivekets1 Spammer 12-26-2016 Never Dr. Locrian

Banned Users Statistics
Banned Users Statistics Total banned users: 328, Temporarily banned users: 1, Permanently banned users: 327.
The newest banned member is Joshu on 06-05-2017.
The admin/mod that banned the most people is cynothoglys (135 members).

e-steki Banlist - by Lea Verou at

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