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“In time, I began to hear the sound of ticking. I walked through the dimness of the emporium until I stood before the glass case wherein originated this sound. Inside the glass I could see a glinting object which appeared to be some type of tower. Again, the general outline reminded me very strongly of a coffin. Hoping with all my heart, I wondered if this machine would bring to me the deliverance I had craved for so long; if it could afford me the eternal loss by some sensitive mechanism of its internal carriage. I made no delay in finding out.

For just a few coins I enveloped myself in the folds of Time itself. The sudden light of an artificial moon afforded me the sight of the Clocktower. But I became shocked to find the tower had been constructed in such a very gruesome manner, and from a building-material of such a grim type. For all that bizarre structure was made from an intricate network of tiny, fragmented, yellow-brown bones.

Yet it was the actual face of the clock which was the most intriguing part of all that strange mechanism, for I saw the indicating fingers upon it were the detached fingers of a corpse. The pointed nails of both these fingers detailed the actual time with precision, giving out the message that just five more minutes would bring the arrival of midnight. Beneath the face of this clock was a balcony of bone and a large silver chime-bell, and I also noticed that many areas were decorated with tiny wreaths of autumn leaves and miniature parodies of dying roses. Peering to the very back of the balcony, I carefully counted eleven tiny wreaths which had been nailed upon the black wood of a most foreboding, coffin-shaped door.

And so I tried to lose myself in the vision of that Clocktower, but time moved so invisibly that I could not hope to locate its momentum. So once more I resigned myself to death, with my only certainty now being that annihilation could never be granted by a mechanism unable to provoke even the merest sign of loss. Yet with only one more minute to midnight remaining, the slow opening of the coffin-shaped door upon the balcony, was to promote a fresh sense of hope and interest in me. For through that door walked a mechanised representation of a figure dressed in black, and very soon I saw the cruelly smiling countenance of Death itself.

This wooden figure was cloaked in the black shadows of its own eternity, and yet I certainly wanted no part of that false and sinister state. The time remaining to complete my deliverance was now growing very short, for held within this cruel figure's hand was a scythe in the guise of a hammer.”
John B. Ford and Thomas Ligotti - “The Mechanical Museum”

Ligotti/TRUE DETECTIVE Discussion, VALHALLA RISING Podcast + Nicolas Refn Interview
Feb 25, 2015 - 11:30 AM - by Dr. Locrian

We have a real treat for you this week. We talk about the cinematic masterpiece Valhalla Rising and also interview the director of the film, Nicolas Winding Refn!

We also have a kickass guest host, Jon Padgett. Jon is a horror writer, voiceover artist, and trusty steward of – a site founded in 1998 dedicated to horror writer Thomas Ligotti (one of the “inspirations” for HBO’s True Detective).
I was brought on as a guest host for this podcast and interview with genius filmmaker, Nicolas Winding Refn. It was such an honor and a delight. (Apologies in advance for my occasional hemmings and hawings)

We talk at length about the Pizzolatto fiasco in the first minutes and then segue into discussion of the brilliant Refn film, VALHALLA RISING. And then the interview with Refn follows, and it's a damn good one. Followed by more Refn analysis and gushing.

Anyway, Click here to listen to the podcast/interview.
6 Replies | 502 Views
"Born to Fear": Slawek's Ligotti interview now available online
Feb 23, 2015 - 8:58 AM - by matt cardin
Many of you are familiar with the Ligotti interview conducted by TLO member Sławomir Wielhorski -- better known to us all as Slawek -- that appears in Born to Fear: Interviews with Thomas Ligotti, and that is in fact the source of the book's title. I'm pleased to announce that this interview is now available online at The Teeming Brain:

"Interview with Thomas Ligotti: Born to Fear"

What's more, the Internet version contains an additional question and answer that don't appear in the book. Gratitude for all of this is due to Slawek, who chose to make the interview freely available, and also to Tom and Subterranean Press for giving their blessing.

FWIW, here's one of my favorite moments:

Sławomir Wielhorski: To what extent do readers’ expectations influence the content of your stories? When writing, do you ever take into account the target audience, or do you only aim at creative self-expression?

Thomas Ligotti: In principle, self-expression is to me paramount in any work of art, particularly literary works. In using the term “self-expression” I’m speaking in a very loose way. No one can actually pinpoint who or what he is in any significant sense, let alone communicate that knowledge to another person, another “self.” Even if you could, there would be no way for anyone to know that this task had been successfully performed. These facts are obvious. But readers quite often do have the feeling that the person who wrote particular works of literature has had the same kind of thoughts and emotions that they have had. It would be strange if this phenomenon didn’t occur, given that whoever you are there are plenty of others who are enough like you to appreciate the kind of thing you write, especially if you are working with your personal experience as the central subject.

When I first began writing fiction, I realized that I knew very little about the world and that all I had to work with was me -- that my only source of material was my own life and that any attempt to do something else would be not only fraudulent but lame and unsuccessful as art or as expression. In Catcher in the Rye, the protagonist Holden Caulfield mentions reading books that make him wish he could be friends with the author and be able to call him on the phone and so forth. I would consider a literary work that made someone feel this way a success. Furthermore, it’s the only kind of success in literature that means anything to me.
3 Replies | 629 Views
Thomas Ligotti Online - Seventeenth Anniversary
Feb 06, 2015 - 7:59 PM - by Dr. Bantham
On February 4th, 1998, Jon Padgett (aka Dr. Locrian) unleashed a horrific vision upon this world. THOMAS LIGOTTI ONLINE was created to champion the greatest living horror/weird fiction writer. Many thanks must be extended to Jon for his initiative and effort to bring the Ligottian world to those receptive - yet hidden within the mindless masses. He has undoubtedly introduced countless readers to Tom's work and hand laid the foundations for the community herein. A tip of the surgeon's cap to you, Jon!
12 Replies | 1,149 Views
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