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Was Chris Carter (X-FILES) partially inspired by Klein?

I recently finished up reading a tattered copy of Klein's excellent Dark Gods and picked up on two things that made me wonder if perhaps the creator of the X-Files had also read the book and taken some (uncredited) inspiration.

First, the descriptions of the subterranean creatures in Children of the Kingdom seem to also almost exactly describe the "Flukeman" featured in an X-Files episode titled The Host, which premiered over a decade after the publishing of CotD. The things in Klein's story are described as humanoids with pale, rubbery skin, a tubeworm-like face, and a "gaping red ring" of a mouth "like the sucker of some undersea creature." Google a picture of the X-Files Flukeman and you'll see that Klein seems to have described it word for word.

Second, in Nadelman's God, when Nadelman is examining the drafts of his poem and observes some of the possible titles, one of them is "The Post-Modern Prometheus", which is also the title of an X-Files episode.

Has anyone here ever run into any interviews or other info that would confirm any Klein influence on the series? It could definitely all be coincidence, but both of these elements showing up in the same book make me wonder if perhaps Carter or someone else on the X-Files production team may have some explaining to do.
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