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Who wants the creepy woman?
Who wants the creepy woman?
Published by mahak
Who wants the creepy woman?

I have no idea how this forum works, so you shall have to pardon me.
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miguel1984 (12-30-2016), ToALonelyPeace (12-30-2016)
By Insentient Traveler on 12-30-2016
Re: Who wants the creepy woman?

Is this the same creepy girl Tom Servo fell for in MST3K episode Catilina Caper?
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By mahak on 01-06-2017
Re: Who wants the creepy woman?

Quote Originally Posted by Insentient Traveler View Post
Is this the same creepy girl Tom Servo fell for in MST3K episode Catilina Caper?
Ha, very funny.

Let me spell it out for you since you were kind enough to respond. There's this family in the US whom I know, who's going through a rather tough time. There are health issues and bills they need to pay and they're using the gofundme thing. Now I can't help because Pakistan (where I'm at) is not even on the list of countries that are allowed to use PayPal. It's embarrassing for I think we're the only country excluded.

Anyhow, I need word to get around and ridiculous as it is, I'm thinking of auctioning this painting. If people don't like it, I have 2 others.

I feel compelled to do whatever is in my power to help Paul and his family. It's a new year and we all want a good beginning so why not start with altruism? I want their hopes to be raised. That's all.

Do a kindness and spread this link around for me please-I don't know anyone here.

Thank you & ever obliged,
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creepy, woman
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