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T.E. Grau
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Re: The Nameless Dark - A Collection

Many, many thanks for this kind and generous review, Doc.

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Dr. Locrian (04-13-2017)
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Mr. Veech
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Re: The Nameless Dark - A Collection

Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Locrian View Post
Jon's review of The Nameless Dark: A Collection

I've been hearing about the excellence of Grau's fiction for years, and--when I finally dived into his debut collection last month--I was not disappointed (to say the least).

I'll highlight some of my favorites, though I enjoyed and admired all the contents:

"Tubby’s Big Swim"
This one was a beautifully hilarious and poignant opening act -- the tale of a lonely, bullied outsider-kid who receives help in setting his life straight from a most unusual and memorable source. I was pleased and amused that both Grau and I presented a story early on in our separate collections that could be described as a childhood revenge tale. Surely one of the best in the book.

"Return of the Prodigy"
My hands down favorite of the bunch. I never knew I needed this tale: an aging boomer couple (a cheap, taciturn Vietnam vet and a zesty woman with a taste for the extravagant) travel to a remote, south Pacific island and spend a memorable late-honeymoon of a most Lovecraftian kind. Again, Grau's black sense of humor is on full display but, as the story continues, he evokes a remarkable atmosphere of shabby, tacky tourist-life combined with a legitimate sense of the kind of dread that would make Laird Barron proud. Really singular.

"Mr. Lupus"
A twisted, contemporary fairy tale that had remarkably intriguing, iconic characters and a breathlessly thrilling twist-ending. I loved it and hope Grau writes more in this speculative vein.

"The Mission"
This has to be one of the best, most successful weird western stories I've read. Grau juggles an impressive number of memorable characters in this one, all the while threading together a story that has razor sharp teeth and perfect pacing.

Yep, Grau is just as great as everyone I know and trust says he is, and I can't wait to read more by him. Weird fiction of the highest order.
Good. Maybe more people will listen to you than they will me. Yeah, it's a fantastic collection. It's a diamond awaiting those who are actually willing to read it.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Here it is! Now drink up!

"In a less scientific age, he would have been a devil-worshipper, a partaker in the abominations of the Black Mass; or would have given himself to the study and practice of sorcery. His was a religious soul that had failed to find good in the scheme of things; and lacking it, was impelled to make of evil itself an object of secret reverence."

~ Clark Ashton Smith, "The Devotee of Evil"
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Dr. Locrian (04-14-2017), miguel1984 (04-14-2017), njhorror (04-14-2017), T.E. Grau (04-14-2017)
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Re: The Nameless Dark - A Collection

I also give it three thumbs up. Uh, wait a minute, one, two . . . make that two!

An excellent collection.

Lucian pigeon-holed the letter solemnly in the receptacle lettered 'Barbarians.' ~ The Hill of Dreams by Arthur Machen

“The wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go.” – Oscar Wilde
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Dr. Locrian (04-14-2017), miguel1984 (04-14-2017), Mr. Veech (04-14-2017), T.E. Grau (04-14-2017)


collection, dark, nameless

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