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Weird Tales of a Bangalorean

Weird Tales of a Bangalorean

Introduction by Anna Tambour

Becoming the Bangalorey Man
Come Tomorrow
My Saints are Down
Minstrel of Disease
Dancer of the Dying
The Song of The Eukarya
A Threshold Hypothesis
Bean Town Blues

One of my reading interests is short supernatural/weird fiction. Upon seeing the high ratings this chapbook from Dunhams Manor Press received, I eagerly bought the book. I didn't find a copy available from Amazon nor from Barnes and Noble, I got mine from This book did not disappoint.

In the table of contents listed above, "Becoming the Bangalorey Man", "Minstrel Of Disease", and "Bean Town Blues" are poems in a modernist style. The rest are short stories.

The "About the Author" section says "Jayaprakash Satyamurthy has lived in Bangalore since the year 1991. He currently resides near Ulsoor Lake, in the heart of the city, with his wife Yasmine and a horde of cats and dogs. He also plays the bass guitar and composes songs for the doom metal band Djin And Miskatonic. In his opinion, nothing worth doing is worth doing. And so you have this book"

Most of stories in this book are ghost stories, though my favorite story here--and I recognize that this is a matter of taste--is the science fiction story "A Threshold Hypothesis" In this story, the narrator discovers a portal to parallel timelines. Ingenuously, the author recognizes that there may be timelines more horrible than our own, for example, a timeline where the Third Reich rules India. Sometimes people from these timelines enter our timeline through the portal. The end of the story is about beings who are trying to enter our world from an unusual timeline.

Satyamurthy studied the masters of the genre, yet he has a unique voice. The prose style is superior, though not imitative. All the stories take place in Bangalore and music plays a role in some stories.
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Re: Weird Tales of a Bangalorean

Just became available again on amazon.

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bangalorean, tales, weird

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