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Acutely decayed
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Re: Your favorite mainstream horror books?

again and again...I think it's the babe boss in bandages

the fluorescent lights embedded in gothic stone...wasp women...

"Truly, your coquetry will not evoke
Any award that does not do it wrong;
Who of these mortal hearts can grasp the joke?
The charms of horror only suit the strong!"
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Re: Your favorite mainstream horror books?

Stephen Laws is wonderful. I first encountered him through his book Darkfall, mentioned in Stanley Wiater's list of notable works of horror fiction (from Dark Thoughts: On Writing).

I find the "I write to entertain, and I write for the man on the street" defense offered by many mainstream authors to reek of populist deflection. A cheap excuse for weak writing that has found an audience in spite of its shortcomings.

But Laws is pure entertainment. His work has no identifiable worldview, and his style is not notably distinctive. But he DOES have a style... one that is propulsive without becoming sloppy and compelling without being exploitative. I wish he wrote more.

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