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alt.books.ghost-fiction FAQ
alt.books.ghost-fiction FAQ
Published by Cyril Tourneur
Web Address
alt.books.ghost-fiction FAQ

Authors discussed will include early ground-breakers such as J. Sheridan LeFanu, M.R. James, and William Hope Hodgson through modern day greats such as Robert Aickman, Ramsey Campbell, and Terry Lamsley. A FAQ will be posted on a regular basis, a weekly "read, then discuss" session is planned as well. While film discussion is not the purpose of the group, discussions of films with a ghostly basis or based on a famous ghost story are considered to be on-topic. Posting of supernatural books for sale is permitted. Spamming is unwelcome, as is trolling or random acts of senseless flaming.
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Daisy (11-19-2008), Jezetha (11-20-2008), Ligeia (11-19-2008), yellowish haze (06-01-2009), Zaharoff (09-17-2017)
By nomis on 11-19-2008
Re: alt.books.ghost-fiction FAQ

I wouldn't bother using this newsgroup for anything but its archives. Once, it was the place to go on the topic of ghostly and weird fiction, and its contributors were perhaps the most knowledgeable in the world on the subject, but it fell on hard times a few years ago and everyone moved away. Now, it's primarily a haven for SPAM. Do yourself a favour and avoid it unless you want to trawl through the archives. There's some great stuff in the group's past.... especially those posts by "rbadac".
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By G. S. Carnivals on 11-19-2008
Re: alt.books.ghost-fiction FAQ

Thanks for the warning.
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By Jezetha on 11-20-2008
Re: alt.books.ghost-fiction FAQ

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altbooksghostfiction, faq

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