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Songs of a Dead Dreamer [Revised - Carroll & Graf]
Songs of a Dead Dreamer [Revised - Carroll & Graf]
Published by Dr. Bantham
Songs of a Dead Dreamer [Revised - Carroll & Graf]

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Songs of a Dead Dreamer [Revised - Carroll & Graf] 
Publisher: Carroll & Graf
Publication Date: May 1990
Format: Hardcover
Cover Price:  
Cover Artist:  
Country: USA
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0881845809
ISBN-13: 978-0881845808
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Songs of a Dead Dreamer [Revised - Carroll & Graf] 

IntroductionRamsey Campbell  
Dreams for Sleepwalkers   
The FrolicThomas Ligotti  
Les FleursThomas Ligotti  
Alice's Last AdventureThomas Ligotti  
Dream of a MannikinThomas Ligotti  
The Nyctalops Trilogy   
The ChymistThomas Ligotti  
Drink to me Only with Labyrinthine EyesThomas Ligotti  
Eye of the LynxThomas Ligotti  
Notes on the Writing of HorrorThomas Ligotti  
Dreams for Insomniacs   
The Christmas Eves of Aunt EliseThomas Ligotti  
The Lost Art of TwilightThomas Ligotti  
The Troubles of Dr. ThossThomas Ligotti  
Masquerade of a Dead SwordThomas Ligotti  
Dr. Voke and Mr. VeechThomas Ligotti  
Professor Nobody's Little Lectures on Supernatural HorrorThomas Ligotti  
Dreams for the Dead   
Dr. Locrian's AsylumThomas Ligotti  
The Sect of the IdiotThomas Ligotti  
The Greater Festival of MasksThomas Ligotti  
The Music of the MoonThomas Ligotti  
The Journal of J. P. DrapeauThomas Ligotti  
VastarienThomas Ligotti  

From Publishers Weekly
A reissue of Ligotti's first horror collection, which appeared in a limited edition in 1986, this volume includes several revised stories and others new to the book. Few of them are truly horrific; the emphasis is on language--sometimes poetic, achieving the quality of a woven tapestry, sometimes merely drab. Not one is strong on plot. "Notes on the Writing of Horror" and "Professor Nobody's Little Lectures on Supernatural Horror" straddle the line between nonfiction and fiction; they contain self-descriptive essays that are evocative of mood and setting. "The Chymist" has a new drug he shares with London's lowlife. "The Lost Art of Twilight" concerns a man trying to live down his mother's association with vampires. The cleverly titled "Drink to Me Only with Labyrinthine Eyes" has an equally clever denouement. "Masquerade of a Dead Sword" is heroic fantasy with a twist. "The Music of the Moon" reminds one of Charles Williams's supernatural thriller. The other 13 stories suffer from combinations of murky prose, meaningless events and lack of focus.
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.


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