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Robert Adam Gilmour
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Topic Nominated Junji Ito thread

There is already threads about specific works but I wanted a general thread for him.

Fragments Of Horror is out this week, his first new book in English since 2006! It's been far too long. Cat Diary is coming out later this year. All this after the recent omnibus reissues of Uzimaki and Gyo.
French readers have a way better selection.

Oddly enough Fragments Of Horror was only just released in Japan last year and it's unusual that something so recent gets a translation. I got my copy today and it has a great dustjacket image with a completely different image embossed into it.

It's a mystery to me why it taken so long for more to be translated. Museum Of Terror stopped after 3 volumes but was supposed to be much longer. Apparently it didn't sell well enough.
Either people were bored of Japanese horror comics or maybe the third volume of unrelated short stories killed the interest of most buyers after the Tomie series of the first two volumes was finished?

With all those Hideshi Hino and Kazuo Umezu books in addition to Junji Ito, it was a really great time for that stuff. Admittedly some of the Hino books were samey and some of the Umezu could be a bit dull but it was a real shame that after so much it just suddenly stopped for a long time. I think we did actually get the majority (18 books) of Hino's work but it would be nice to have the rest.
But with Ito it never made sense because he had a bigger audience and reputation.

I hope after Cat Diary that more keeps coming.

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