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Ebay and Pitney Bowes

Have you had bouts with Pitney Bowes, third arm on the Ebay hydra?

Pitney Bowes handles deliveries and charges very high postage rates on international shippings from the US, and adds pre-estimated so called "import charges" on top of that to all packages, even though most (especially those from private senders) never receive import charges/tax in the country of destination. Pitney Bowes & Ebay make millions (maybe billions?) by milking extra money from buyers in this way.
The "import charges" are drawn from your (PayPal) account after the auction close, without your permission. You don't even make that payment yourself, the amount is simply stolen from your account, on the side of your own payment for the total auction amount. Someone else (Pitney Bowes) is allowed to simply go into your account and lift out money, without your consent.

I consider it a very serious form of fraud. And yet, the problem doesn't seem to have largely been recognized on an international scale. Which is odd and disturbing.
Is there any way to prosecute them, or are they too big for that?

Ebay sellers and buyers used to select shipping method freely. The less expensive USPS (United Statse Parcel Service) being mostly used (with no added "import charges") . But now Ebay forces Pitney Bowes upon all sellers and buyers. It is still possible to use USPS, but you really need to know the technical paths and make an effort to opt out of the automated Pitney Bowes Global Shipping Program.

I have tried to complain to them, but it's useless to try reasoning with them. They only give you the same formalized answer every time, saying that everything is in correct order.

I have demanded my money back through PayPal disputes on occasion, when it was clearly obvious that the package had not been taxed with import charges upon arrival. PayPal once agreed in my favour to refund my money, but after a few days changed their minds and refused. So I have reason to believe that Ebay, Pitney Bowes, and PayPal, are all parts of the same hydra.
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Re: Ebay and Pitney Bowes

It's part of the Global Shipping Program. See Using the Global Shipping Program under Buyer Charges. As far as I am aware, it's a legal scam and nothing can be done except to avoid it. I buy from the seller's store outside of ebay.

Paypal won't help Global Shipping Program a SCAM!!! - PETITION TO ST... - PayPal Community

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---Tears and Saints, E. M. Cioran
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bowes, ebay, pitney

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