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Nirvana In Karma
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Topic Nominated Guro Manga

Post anything related to manga in the ero guro vein.

I'm becoming obsessed with the ero guro aesthetic. Shintaro Kago is a saint. Here is a selection of his pictoral epistles...

Search for Manga at Manga Fox - Page 1

This is my life. This is my damnation. This is my only regret--that I ever was born.

-- Swans, "Beautiful Child"
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Robert Adam Gilmour
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Re: Guro Manga

I know a lot of the manga stuff but I've never been completely sure about everything the genre includes. I think Edogawa Ranpo and satirical stuff from the 20s falls under it? Maybe even further back? I'm certain there are books on the subject that go well beyond comics.

Suehiro Maruo, Kazuichi Hanawa and Toshio Saeki are the only ones I really like. The latter one probably never done comics but he's similar.

There was a painter I wish I could remember the name of that depicted rotting bodies hanging in dark places. No sex but it was pretty powerful stuff.

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Re: Guro Manga

Thanks for creating this thread.

According to wiki, ero guro is a "prewar, bourgeois cultural phenomenon that devoted itself to explorations of the deviant, the bizarre, and the ridiculous" so as long as it fits one of the above, it can be guro.

qcrisp has linked to an article on guro in another thread

I am not a regular reader of guro but whenever I read one it created a lasting impression on me. An example is Waita Uziga's Murder Case: High School Girl In Concrete, about the real life murder of Junko Furuta. I read it once four or five years ago and to this day I still feel sick for what happened to her. You can read it here.

In terms of consistency, I like Hideo Yamamoto. Both Ichi the Killer and Homunculus are solid, the former being a black comedy heavy on sadomasochism and the latter a surreal social commentary on Japan.

Secret Comics Japan and AX: A Collection of Alternative Manga are also worth purchasing. Shintaro Kago's Punctures is featured in the former magazine. More info here and here is a blog post on AX anthology's festival in Japan.

Parallel to guro, I found an article on the history of hentai Intersections: A Short History of '<i>Hentai</i>'

"Tell me how you want to die, and I'll tell you who you are. In other words, how do you fill out an empty life? With women, books, or worldly ambitions? No matter what you do, the starting point is boredom, and the end self-destruction. The emblem of our fate: the sky teeming with worms. Baudelaire taught me that life is the ecstasy of worms in the sun, and happiness the dance of worms."
---Tears and Saints, E. M. Cioran
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anime, bizarro, gore, guro, manga

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