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Re: My Greatest Sin

I'm too pragmatic to believe in sin. Perhaps that's my greatest sin?

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Arthur Staaz
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Re: My Greatest Sin

I think I'm in agreement with Ambrose from Machen's "The White People." Most sins are actions society has deemed wrong because most of us would not want others doing those things to us. Real Sin, real Evil, is the human attempt to seize what has never belonged to humans. It is a violation of the natural order (which, by extension, includes any supernatural order).

In this sense, my greatest sin has been willingly surrendering to the descent from carelessness to indifference to boredom to distraction to despair. It has affected every area of my life - family, friendships, work, writing. And all because somehow I thought for much of my life that everything revolved around me and the avoidance of suffering. It's been helpful recognizing it before the last step in that willful descent - death. But, man, it's a long way up.

Now, you may all, if you like, go back to approaching this from a more lighthearted point of view.

"What lay behind me was no longer any normal, familiar life, that everyday life out of which the impulse to pray raises us, with still at the back of our minds that whensoever we wish we can return. A void was behind me. And in front a wall, a wall of darkness." Georges Bernanos, The Diary of a Country Priest
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greatest, sin

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