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There Were Two (For Tacitus)
There Were Two (For Tacitus)
Published by Druidic
There Were Two (For Tacitus)

To Tacitus

Your great noble head
Now tilted by stroke and age,
Your once sleek tuxedo
Now a duller black
Without the gloss
Of youth and health,
Your movements slow,
Painful and stubborn
As my own.

In a just Design we would both
Exit with a pleasing synchronicity,
Shedding this Mortal Coil together,
Embracing our Mother--
--the Darkness--
That will likely not be
Though who can say?
Ah, you were a true companion, My Silent Friend
And even the proud, defiant Dagger
Will offer lament
For his gentle lost brother.
15 Thanks From:
Cnev (02-04-2017), DarkView (02-07-2017), Dr. Locrian (02-04-2017), Gfunk (03-15-2017), Insentient Traveler (04-02-2017), jonpi (02-06-2017), miguel1984 (02-04-2017), mongoose (02-05-2017), Mr. Veech (02-03-2017), Nemonymous (02-04-2017), ramonoski (02-04-2017), Raul Urraca (02-03-2017), ToALonelyPeace (02-04-2017), xylokopos (02-05-2017), yellowish haze (02-04-2017)
By Raul Urraca on 02-03-2017
Re: There Were Two (For Tacitus)

Your poems are great, Druidic. Good stuff!
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By Druidic on 02-04-2017
Re: There Were Two (For Tacitus)

Thanks, Raul. Kind words are always humans and their feline masters.
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By Cnev on 02-04-2017
Re: There Were Two (For Tacitus)

Always love your poetry, but this one hits me especially hard. Thank you for your contributions.
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By Druidic on 02-04-2017
Re: There Were Two (For Tacitus)

Thanks, Cnev. You know as well as I, it's never easy to lose a pal. At my age, I don't differentiate between human friends and animal friends.
I've lost too many of both types and I miss 'em all.
Last edited by Druidic; 02-05-2017 at 06:18 AM..
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