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Stanisława Przybyszewska

Anyone ever read this wonderful woman? Spent the last 10 years of her life alone in a freezing garret, addicted to morphine and obsessed with Robespierre. There's something almost Ligottian about her.

Her father was a Satanist who believed procreation was a curse but kept having kids anyway. He abandoned her when she was a baby and when he reconnected with her later there's suggestions they had an incestuous affair. Just to spice it up:-)

Stanisława Przybyszewska - Wikipedia

From an article I read:

Now the external world scarcely existed for her. Preoccupied with her own mental landscape, Stanislawa seemed to notice nothing that existed outside, neither nature, people, or human artifacts. She lived in a depopulated universe, as in a desert, where there are no trees, birds, or animals. The nameless, faceless man in the streets was an object of scorn...

In many ways her daily life resembled that of an animal; she had moved backwards through the evolution of the species, while retaining a highly developed mind. Her room was like a cave (or "grave" as she put it), unbearably hot in summer, cold in winter. Moving about almost on all fours, her walking seriously impaired by rheumatic pains, she likens herself to a monkey. Przybyszewska was too chilled, too sober, too devoid of illusions and inhibitions to pass over in silence her troubled body and constant struggle to procure food and warmth. Her cold solitude was not even alleviated by the possibility of communicating with God, since she seems to have been quite areligious...
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przybyszewska, stanisand#322awa

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