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Indie and Small Press Authors Worth Reading

I'm unsure how many of you browse the Knidle e-book section looking for new and talented authors, but it is a longtime hobby of mine. Or, perhaps it's actually a self imposed punishment my subconscious metes out upon me for various wrongs I've comitted throughout life and never answered for (ok, ok, maybe I *did* eat the last slice of cake, so what, crucify me already).

Anyway, if you gamble your money betting on the talent of unknown authors in the horror/dark fiction genre you've probably discovered that most of the 'horror' in these works derives directly from the crimes they commit against grammar, syntax, story structure, and pacing. That is to say on the whole, they're pretty bad. Really bad. Bad with a tall hat.


Every now and then I hit upon a pleasant and unexpected surprise. I thought it would be nice to share a few worthy names and works with you, and in return, if you know of any small press/indie authors whose work you enjoy please feel free to share them here as well.

Now, for the three horror/wierd fiction authors who have emerged as gemstones from the fetid bucket of manure-mud that is my kindle reading list, I present:

- At $1 this one is a steal. I've certainly paid considerably more to receive considerably less in the past.

- Another great buy, this one skews more weird than horror.

- Wow, I see this one has jumped in price considerably since I bought it. Originally there was a three volume set from Ken Brosky - Desolation Stories, Hunger Stories, and Abandon Stories. Perhaps he rolled all three of them into this volume? Either way, I enjoyed his tales but at this price you'll definitely want to try a sample before buying (I don't care if you lose $1 and hate my recommendation, but if you lose $10 and hate it I'll feel marginally guilty for a brief time).

Who else is out there that you'd recommend?
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Fenris Technique
Join Date: Nov 2014
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Re: Indie and Small Press Authors Worth Reading

Recently came across a guy named D. Nathan Hilliard who had a book about ghost stories. I've never been a fan of ghost stories. The entire premise seems limited to me: Someone is dead, they come back, and they want to finish some unfinished business, the end. Really, once you've read one vengeful ghost story you've pretty much read 90% of the sub-genre.

BUT . . . this book boasted that is was different. This book boldly claimed " These are the ghosts of our nightmares. Whether driven by madness, vengeance, pain, bloody evil, or primordial rage...they are all specters that are as dangerous as they are frightening" . . . so what the heck? I picked up a copy and decided to give the ghosts one more chance to convince me they weren't a cheap gimmick worn through to the elbows.

I'm glad I checked it out. It has been written of Robert E Howard that he is a middling author but an excellent story teller. I would lay the same semi-backhanded compliment at the feet of Nathan D. Hilliard. He's not a fancy prose guy, but his stories are imaginative, engrossing, and enjoyable. It must be a Texas thing.

I went on to pick up his general horror collection "Ghosts, Monsters and Madmen" and was equally pleased with the results. I'd encourage folks who are looking for some good old fashioned short horror yarns to give this author a try.
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