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The London Perambulator (Deep Topography)

"It's about getting a very, very dangerous balance between finding the overlooked and showing it to the other people who have an eye for the overlooked, and not making the overlooked into something that is gazed at."

I hope I'm getting the balance right in posting this thread, with the following documentary about Nick Papadimitriou and deep topography (because psychogeography was gazed at too much?). Featuring, Iain Sinclair, Will Self and Russell Brand:

ôSpecialists without spirit, sensualists without heart; this nullity imagines that it has attained a level of civilization never before achieved." - Max Weber
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Re: The London Perambulator (Deep Topography)

Thanks for the post.
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Re: The London Perambulator (Deep Topography)

Fascinating fellow, my kind of obsessed eccentric.

Now that I am thinking of it, the book I wrote and published last year, could fall under the banner of Deep Topography and I didn't even know that such a subgenre of travel writing even existed. In retrospect, I feel like an idiot for ignoring something like this, but at the time the thought process was like " I am going to write about that zone between the semi-controlled urban sprawl and the natural world that everyone ignores, because there is something peculiar and metaphysically appealing to crumbling infrastructure and besieged vegetation at the limits of our cities.. "

Yeah, right.

Problem, of course, is there is scant readership for this sort of thing and one embarks upon such a project in the full knowledge that he is producing a small cultural oddity which is destined to surface in second hand bookshops decades after his death.

It is a bit similar to those insanely focused and detailed monographs that English writers produce about the ruins of Roman fortifications in small towns in East Anglia or wherever; labors of twisted love on the part of local librarians with obsolete haircuts.

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deep, london, perambulator, topography

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