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Re: Horror Comics

"What can a thing do with a thing, when it is a thing?"
-Shaykh Ibn Al 'Arabi
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Re: Horror Comics

Jones on Wrightson.

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Re: Horror Comics

Quote Originally Posted by bendk View Post
When I was a kid, my mom used to drop me and my brother off at the barber shop inside the Acme store and then do her shopping while we got our haircuts. We usually had time to kill, so we would read the comics he left out. He usually had horror comics, thankfully. Over the years I am sure I read a ton of them. I went to this barber from the time I was a little kid until almost my teens. He is also the first barber I went to. On my first visit, I apparently kicked him in the groin with those hard wooden soled toddler shoes and dropped him to his knees. My dad tipped him five dollars. But that is neither here nor there. This was my introduction to EC comics and others. I still occasionally pick up an inexpensive reprint on eBay just for fun. Have any of you read any horror comics?

That's funny. I had the exact same experience when my Dad took me for haircuts and he would do some errands on a Saturday. It went from when I was 8 or 9 until I was 12, or so. The barber had the GREATEST comic book collection in the world. He had everything including stacks of Weird, Eerie, Tales from the Crypt, Terror Tales, etc. I would wait for an hour or more without making a peep. I was totally immersed in the comics. However, I never did kick him in the balls. It wasn't that kind of place.

Lucian pigeon-holed the letter solemnly in the receptacle lettered 'Barbarians.' ~ The Hill of Dreams by Arthur Machen
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Re: Horror Comics

I just found out that Frankenstein Alive, Alive will be continued with Kelley Jones on art duties:

IDWs Big Damn Book WonderCon Panel - Bleeding Cool News And Rumors

Your fall should be like the fall of mountains. But I was before mountains. I was in the beginning, and shall be forever. The first and the last. The world come full circle. I am not the wheel. I am the hand that turns the wheel. I am Time, the Destroyer. I was the wind and the stars before this. Before planets. Before heaven and hell. And when all is done, I will be wind again, to blow this world as dust back into endless space. To me the coming and going of Man is as nothing.
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comics, horror

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