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Re: 'Extreme' haunted house, or legal torture? The McKamey Manor

I may be in the minority here, but I've never found things like this interesting. Or shocking. As a matter of fact, when I was going through the youtube clips, I thought maybe these were the outtakes from the latest Five Finger Death Punch music video. Or advertisements from the upcoming Fear Factor reboot. This sort of cartoonish masochism has almost nothing to do with horror as I have come to define it in my own life, and so what it looks like as a passerby is something on the same plane as extreme backyard wrestling. But hey, as has already been said here, everyone likes their pizza topped differently!
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ToALonelyPeace (09-06-2016)
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Re: 'Extreme' haunted house, or legal torture? The McKamey Manor

If I want experience real horror, I will simply plug into the recesses of my own thoughts.

As for these people, well, idiocy knows no boundaries. And apparently neither does boredom.

"The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind." - H. P. Lovecraft
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ChildofOldLeech (09-05-2016), miguel1984 (09-06-2016), ToALonelyPeace (09-06-2016)
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Re: 'Extreme' haunted house, or legal torture? The McKamey Manor

I think this is a BDSM house instead of a torture house. I doubt the government would allow third party to profit from its 'privileged' threat of torture anytime soon.
I can guess at people's thoughts as they sign up for this:
1) they want to know their limits. Some (and I am guilty as well) are plagued by the mystery of their endurance. They want to go through extreme experiences to see whether they'll break or not
2) they want thrills, especially after they're bored with drugs & sex
3) people who want to do violence to themselves and others will also seek this out (I think of sadomasochistic psychopaths/sociopaths)

"So in the end it remains advisable to accept whatever comes, to behave like an inert mass even if one feels oneself being swept away, not to be lured into a single unneccesary step, to regard others with the gaze of an animal, to feel no remorse, in short to crush with one's own hand any ghost of life that subsists, that is, to intensify the final quiet of the grave still further and let nothing beyond that endure." ---Franz Kafka, Resolutions
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ChildofOldLeech (09-06-2016), miguel1984 (09-06-2016)


extreme, haunted, house, legal, manor, mckamey, torture

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