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Hidden X
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Re: Favorite Campbell

Quote Originally Posted by Knygathin View Post
I agree with a few things you say about the 50s. At least the air and sea was cleaner, not yet as polluted from mass-consumption as today. It was less crowded, more secure, and it was safer to go out at night. It was more social, outgoing, and fun, there was more trust; people went out without locking their doors, and you could leave your bicycle without locking it. There still existed a high quality of natural materials, and locally made products, which was possible because the size of our society was on a more quiet and sensible level. The pressure on stock available was not so hard as today.
But in truth the road towards destruction had already started back then, the globalist capitalists were planning what we have today, and planning the evils we are moving towards.
I think that most folks agree that this common picturecard version of 50s America that you apparently subscribe to has almost nothing in common with actual reality of that era.
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Robert Adam Gilmour
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Re: Favorite Campbell

Quote Originally Posted by Knygathin View Post
it was safer to go out at night. It was more social, outgoing, and fun, there was more trust
That really depends where you lived. Glasgow used to be the murder capital of western Europe and now it's safer than its ever been. I used to hear about theft, violent attacks and gang violence all the time and now it's much safer here.

Yes, when there was more grass and trees there was also less pollution.

Who are the people who are controlling the globalist plan you're talking about? Wouldn't destabilizing these countries negatively impact many of the people who are planning this? Presumably they live all over the world and they would be affected by the decline and chaos happening?
If I remember correctly, you believed in the New World Order. While I think governments do work to undermine other countries, I don't think they have the foresight or competence to pull off something like you're talking about. They screw up much smaller things and are constantly shown to have underplanned everything.

I can admit that I don't know much about immigration figures, but since I don't have the education to make sense of them and every factor related to them, I don't really trust anyone talking about it. I think most people just say what they want to be true. You have complained about "white genocide" and nothing good can be read into that, so I can't trust your take.
If we were too overpopulated for many immigrants, prejudice and discrimination is still going to hurt everyone.

We should preserve some things, throw some things out and adopt other things from other cultures.

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Re: Favorite Campbell

kyngathin is right about some things.

Robert, weird fiction was far easier to find in the 50's and 60's than today in my city. I bought Lovecraft's Cry Horror, Werewolf of Paris, The Pledge, Dracula, Space Beagle and many, many more in a SMALL drugstore just a block away from my parent's home. I amassed a collection (3 books short, guess which ones) of Arkham House through the mail and the kindness of Derleth. Petty crime and burglary on my side of town were very rare, and we didn't routinely check to see if doors were locked.

I often walked through town after midnight as a teenager. Wouldn't try it now even with a permit to carry.


For AH fans--The 3 books short lol? Outsider, Leah Bodine Drake and Out of Space and Time. Thanks to AD I had all the AH Samplers. Like new but the thick staples were rusted beyond belief. Another treasure from Place of Hawk's cellar!
Wonderful times for kids with fortunate working parents. Not all were lucky. I used to bring home my friends for supper and my mother always fed them well. They later wrote a great obit for my Mom. She was a wonderful cook. As a kid I didn't realize food was scarce for many. I just dragged my 4 best friends with me because it was fun.

My Mother knew though.

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Gnosticangel (10-26-2017), miguel1984 (10-27-2017)
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Re: Favorite Campbell

Ancient Images was a nice atmospheric folk-horror read with some unexpected swerves. In places it reminded me of the first Jamie Delano-written run of the Hellblazer comic.

As to Knygathin's remarks, i decided not to clutter this thread with my reaction to some of the more...refreshingly new and interesting aspects of them.
Here's a link though.
Ibrahim R. Ineke: two statements that are not mutually exclusive

"What can a thing do with a thing, when it is a thing?"
-Shaykh Ibn Al 'Arabi
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miguel1984 (10-27-2017), Robert Adam Gilmour (10-26-2017)


campbell, favorite

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