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Re: Print vs. EBooks

Again, it’s not that print is so great, it’s just that the Kindle is so rubbish. I like being able to have about six different bookmarks in something at once. I know you can “bookmark” Kindle pages, but it’s not the same feeling as being able to more or less instantly thumb through and look at multiple pages at once, flip ahead immediately, or just get a feel for where certain parts are in the book. A three-dimensional object with sequentially bound pages is inherently easier for primates with hands to interact with than a flat screen that displays single-snapshot blocks of text. 

I’m also skeptical about space concerns. I mean, I’m willing to bet that I have by far the most minimal living situation of anyone on this forum (I can repost the picture of my apartment if proof is needed), and I get by fine. Do you really want to keep every single book you read? You can fit at least a few hundred on a basic bookshelf, and I think if people are honest, that’s about the upper limit of things you’re going to want to keep around and reread. 

Once again...Pale Fire? The Book of the War? House of Leaves? Infinite Jest? No way is anyone making it through these things electronically. 
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ebooks, print

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