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Cold Lazarus

Yesterday, I engaged, with friends, in a marathon viewing of the entire Dennis Potter serial, Cold Lazarus. You can watch it at Channel 4's website, here:

That's the first time I have watched it since it was first aired, in 1996 (I believe). Twenty years ago! It really doesn't seem that long. Anyway, I recommend it. Some of the SF elements look a bit dated and kitsch now, but overall I think, as a drama, it stands up pretty well. I even got an odd frisson when the evil media magnate, David Siltz, talks about how many "subscribers" he has.

There were six or seven of us watching. We were unsure whether we'd watch the whole thing in one sitting. It seems we all had pretty much the same reaction: unsure of the first episode, but increasingly gripped as it went on.

You might also want to watch Karaoke, first:

Cold Lazarus does stand alone, but you'll understand it better if you watch Karaoke first. The main character in Karaoke is cryogenically frozen, and his frozen head is central to Cold Lazarus (hence the title).

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cold, lazarus

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