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Re: Doctor Who

Quote Originally Posted by Stu View Post
Rewatched The Horror of Fang Rock. Much better than I remembered it being.
haven't watched this in 20 yrs, maybe 30 yrs - lighthouse and the spheroid green flourescent (protein) alien right? - i remember being amazed, quite young, that he was a great soldier - a horror - the monster - a hero and soldier of his people - another episode I have been considering a lot recently (I favour the ones with Ramona, as I fell in love with her as a young teenager) - is the one with the CET machine: the continuous event transmuter - (Nightmare of Eden) like a virtual reality machine, if what you thought was virtual was actually multiple realities, and the membrane between art and reality more permeable than we think - at least with this unstable machine - sometimes I am thinking - mix realities up a bit - let evolution sort it out (in a Bayesian spirit)

Image of Fendahl is still a fave though - like a hauntological retro-fit, also liked City of Doom (Paris is cool, not to harp on but y'know we could clone Lalla - technologically we have the ability)

helping kids with homework I also keep remembering one of the episodes with a "blue" badge for mathematical excellence and wished they would start awarding them and that they would be as widely highly regarded...

just an NPC
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Re: Doctor Who

Last night I dreamed about the bit in Creature from the Pit where the Doctor pulls out a book on Tibetan mountain climbing and then, a few seconds later, pulls out another book on how to read Tibetan. I remembered it as a sight gag but couldn't figure out how that would work -- if the first book is in Tibetan then the audience won't be able to read the title -- so in my dream the Doctor tries reading the first book then says, "It's in Tibetan" before pulling out the second book. Which makes more sense but isn't as funny. Annoyingly I can't find the scene on Youtube to see how it actually played out in the episode.

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