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Re: Getting old...

Quote Originally Posted by Ibrahim View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Veech View Post

It's simply part of his post-Marxist critique of ideology. He does not, as far as I'm aware, provide "evidence" for such a view. To be fair, I can't think of any philosophical idea which is bolstered by actual "evidence" in the strict sense. Ideas from psychoanalysis, for instance, can never be verified. You'd have to look into its explanatory power as a whole.

The idea itself is meant to explain how political regimes function, namely ideological commitments.
I did not intend to ask for evidence, physical or otherwise; i was just curious if he follows some line of reasoning to reach the claim about belief he makes; any steps of abstract logic. For example, i can imagine that one might discuss the aspect of infinite regress his claim implies- what is at the end of this chain of placeholder beliefs?

But if it's all just in service of explaining the function of political regimes, then i guess i'm not that interested anyway- any master/slave dynamic in which the former factor is fundamentally unknowable cannot be described, and any description would be mere projection of earthly encumbrances onto a far wider reality.

Religion, our relation to the Mystery, cannot be otherwise but partly a mystery itself.
I know you weren't being contentious. But it is a very broad claim.

Ultimately, the chain itself doesn't end, though it requires quilting points of meaning (God, the State, the People, etc.) which create the illusion of stability. It's more or less the standard poststructuralist view of language as a continuous signifying chain in which meaning is forever deferred. I've really derailed this thread.

"In a less scientific age, he would have been a devil-worshipper, a partaker in the abominations of the Black Mass; or would have given himself to the study and practice of sorcery. His was a religious soul that had failed to find good in the scheme of things; and lacking it, was impelled to make of evil itself an object of secret reverence."

~ Clark Ashton Smith, "The Devotee of Evil"
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