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The Black and Blue Feather Review @ TLO

:P Consider yourself warned! The process will soon begin with my ramblings.
A Goddess loving PAGAN from the south with a mind to discuss anything mainly the very odd, horrid, divine and just unexpainable or karma-weird. Otherwise to be known as....

"The Black and Blue Feather Review".
[tab:13a1d6a7ed] by Otis G. Vinson- Norman

It could be said that this little venture is a TICK on the back of TLO, but no.... trust it is not friends.


[tab:13a1d6a7ed]I just want to say... let's just have some honesty. Let's talk from the heart about what scares us. Really gives us that despair. When I say honesty, I'm not in the foggiest interested in vile enuendo, and sexual vul-pusence.

[tab:13a1d6a7ed]If something in a movie hit a cord inside you... are you ashamed to let your friends know? I want that viewpoint. When on of us starts this..someone takes the time to answer..someone else answers that one, and that one is in horror and crys at the other one... ahah but you see my point.

[tab:13a1d6a7ed]If you really like the dark, the pale, the hard to understand.
About that book you read... .always been in the back of your mind, or any life event that seems to be running always through your waking.

[tab:13a1d6a7ed]Ever see a ghost?

[tab:13a1d6a7ed] Involved in something that can't be explained?..... without the help of inclusion in what we are about to do HERE? By that I mean the wealth of insight from the future posters and to some degree.. myself).

[tab:13a1d6a7ed]HAHAHA!!! This is a clearing house! (EGO will always be used for comic relief !) Remember, everyone starts life knowing NOTHING. KIngs or slaves.

[tab:13a1d6a7ed]From now on... look at the "B@B Feather Essay" as something to share and respond to ONLY when you really have a true insight or just a damn crazy misunderstanding of everything..... but still want to hang out in the electron beams.

[tab:13a1d6a7ed]No subject is safe. And let me make not a false impression. I won't be posting my opinions on the boggey man every week. This is an essay product about what I want to express, and recieve feedback on. And you will notice in that vein, nothing Bul---Sht--- trivial will be discussed unless due to satire. And I mean HEAVY satire.

[tab:13a1d6a7ed]I will post at least once a week on a varied topic. I'll just throw it up there. I will spare everyone...NOTHING.

[tab:13a1d6a7ed]Replys and opinions are expected. :evil: Horus protect you... may his great eye watch over you.... feathers blue and deepest black.

Otis Glenn Vinson- Norman

Tonight free advice: (circa 1940's to present)
"NEVER take a knife to a GUN fight"
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black, blue, feather, review, tlo

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