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General, Modern Thoughts on "The Exorcist"

"The Black and Blue Feather Review @ TLO"
by Otis Glenn Vinson-Norman

Good evening, and welcome to the first of many strange and hopefuly thought bending episodes of "The Black and Blue Feather Review"!

You know, I like to think of myself as open minded, and not in anyway closed off to possibilities; and I mean that in the the most holy way I can.

That brought me the post tonight. I had no intention of doing one until I had my first movie review ready for all you faithful TLO residents.

Then it hit me. :cry:

The question I ask for general feedback from all the learned folks here is:

Coming from a traditional, and most times bizzare family upbringing, and I mean that in the most extreme when viewing movies or listening to music that was considered "DEMONIZED". Say it with me and let some spit drip from the mouth's corner.... D E M O N I Z E D.

I was let down in 1991 when my girlfriend at the time and I, rented a copy of the movie at a local video store. Now.... this was before the days of DVD's folks, so when forming the images in your head, think of "VCR"... (yes, now a dirty word)... old, well worn and grainy "tapes", and the "funk", if you will, of all those who came before me that rented, ozzing of the thing, with ONE promise.

THIS THING was supposed to scare me to death.

I mean really scare me, and if possible... I may even achieve a state of DEMONIC POSSESSION. How horrid the truth turned out to be.

Let's see.... I think I got lost at the PEE SOUP.

The rest of the movie I sat and didn't know if I had to puke.... due to the complete revoltion at the knowledge that this movie had held me in such abject fear during my childhood.... the overwhelming desire to rip gut laughing, or just the total awe at how STUPID and contrived it was.

And I don't blame the lack of state-of-the state special effects. I mean, anybody that saw that head-spinning shot knows that's a true statement. I guess they were doing the best with what they had, and really, you have to remember, "STAR WARS" changed everything.

You know, it was one of the biggest let-downs of my young life. Here I was told from the time this piece of crap came out that if I even HEARD the theme song from it on the radio that I could be influenced.

Here.... if that song came on my radio in my bedroom at night I would be filled with such sheer terror, I could not even gain the mental control to get up and switch it off.

Well, that brings us to the point of this short essay. I would love some feed back on your "Exorcist" viewpoint. I guess I can make three bullet points on the way I was going with this:

- The movie did have some value; Why? In the fact that it pinned me with horror as a child, and I was never even allowed to see it to find out why.

-How blessed we are, even with the posioning effect Hollywood has on ANY good story, or media it deems "good" enough to make a movie about, to have the special effects, the screen plays and sometimes good writing we do these days. Not all of it by any means is good, but at least some of it is. And the women they get to play the parts are a lot better looking. I mean, DAMN remember what's her name from "The Shining" (Good movie by the way, I pay hommage).

- Just because something is built up as having the abiltiy to rend your soul from your body, DEMONIZE you, and in everyway destroy your sanity, filling your heart with SATAN and his works dosen't mean it's going to happen when you see it. I KNOW IT'S A LET DOWN. And the last point is if only the HYPE had equaled the real thing. I guess that what all good horror writers and movie producers are trying to accomplish. Well, sister let me tell you, they missed it with this turkey.

Disagree? That's why we got this thing going!! Drop us a line at B@BFR at the one and only TLO and share your opinion.

So long and goodnight, if you hear that chimming theme song from the "Exorcist", my advice is to turn it up a little and dance a jig. But don't be like that priest and fall down those steps and break your head.

My point and original question: "WHY WAS THE EXORCIST CONSIDERED SO FRIGHTENING". I'll be looking forward to your response.

Tonight's Good Advice:

"Just cause' you cannot see think it's NOT there.... It dosen't work that way!"

(quote by Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO. circa 1979).
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Re: General, Modern Thoughts on "The Exorcist"

I was 14 when the movie came out and too young to see it. As yourself, I saw it on VHS video several years later. I had, however, read the book -- one my mother had purchased at a yard sale with the cover ripped off. Back then, I found it astonishing the "f" word was boldly, I think, on the first page several times.

I grew up in the country -- a community of 22 or so until I left.

As to your question why the movie was considered -- at the time -- so frightening is a good question indeed. I've really not thought about why it was considered so, but perhaps because it dealt with religion on the big screen in a horror sense? I really don't know, but you've certainly made me think. The special effects were lame compared to what can be done in movieland today, but perhaps the heavy advertising of the movie helped a lot too.

I realize I'm running all around the blueberry bush with my comments, but I now wonder as well why it was considered such a scary movie.

My story NOWHERE TO GO was published by PS PUBLISHING in a book titled POSTSCRIPTS #14 in England in 2008. Let me know if you've read it. If you'd like to contact me, send me a Private Message.
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Re: General, Modern Thoughts on "The Exorcist"

When I first saw the film I was already about 30 clicks around the sun. It was rumored that subliminal content was actually behind the unease felt by viewers. I watched "The Exorcist" on a borrowed tape. I noticed a flicker at one point. I worked in television production at the time (1985-1991). One of the perks of the job was access to the toys. I dubbed the flicker from VHS format to 3/4" tape which could be viewed frame by frame, a "frame" being 1/25 of a second! The flicker was actually an almost nonexistent image of a grotesque face inserted into (if I remember properly) a street scene with dialogue. Very creepy! Very unfair! This takes evaluation of the film (in the traditional sense) straight away from the viewer. Let us decide what's scary!

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Re: General, Modern Thoughts on "The Exorcist"

Azurehawk - I didn't hate this movie. I still consider The Exorcist a fine film. Perhaps it's a little dated, and for an atheistic zen buddhist, the catholic overtones are a little disturbing (if you want to follow the logic of the movie, the world, the god and the devil are all catholic!).

I thought it was scary and moody a lot more in my youth than I do now (but that scene where he's listening to the tape he made of the devil talking was extremely creepy). I find that movies don't scare me at all (I did get a couple of shivers watching The Eye) nowadays because I've seen every type of horror movie there is, from disgusting to creepy.

However I'm 43 and I grew up with this movie - prob'ly seen it at least fifteen times. I don't judge a horror movie by if it's scary or not, I just want to watch a good movie that will stretch my imagination a little, and I feel that The Exorcist did just that.

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general, modern, the exorcist, thoughts

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