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Robert Aickman wrote a vast treatise, Panacea, setting out his personal philosophy. It has never been published. Doug Anderson is one of the few people to have read it. He provides Part 1 of a summary in Wormwood 28, just out.

Here’s a taster from Doug’s summary of Aickman’s arguments in the early chapters:

“Attempts at achieving racial purity must fail. History shows many examples of the improvement in living standards with the infiltration of one culture by another. The term “race” means very little.”

“Life is short, but in order to really live, man needs to be free, especially from forced labour.”

“The ideas of eugenics done by eliminating “unfit” people from procreation are based on misunderstandings on how society functions.”

“Man has always been enraged, worried and puzzled by insecurity. Thus came religion, and it set the common man in his place, below the landowners and the clergy who worked together to maintain their ascendancy. "

A discussion of Darwin and evolution (“now proved to the satisfaction of most reasonable persons”) and the rival theory, promoted by George Bernard Shaw, of “life force” (“a figment of the imagination”)

Based on these so far, I would characterise Aickman as a rationalist libertarian. He may, of course, have modified some views in later life, although I suspect largely not.
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aickman, philosophy

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