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the cut-up thread

In deference to William Seward Burroughs & Brion Gysin ( incidentally or maybe not so incidentally, i dreamed very vividly about Tanger, Morocco, last night ), as a diversion from political content, or a way to transmute it into "aesthetic" content, here's a cut-up from the Trump thread, every third/fourth word or phrase from every fifth line of random posts.
Let's all play.

The Bolsheviks at a deal maker, each time to our country add up
obvious. Cult of President with his hand tweet of congratulation
banned? Just curious
Complex off its the same day
that should be nation I renounce
anything that pops
the very least.
The man

"What can a thing do with a thing, when it is a thing?"
-Shaykh Ibn Al 'Arabi
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Re: the cut-up thread

comparing philosophies
I have done some research into this.
We actually have thousands of people marching and advocating for the ideology
a necessary evil
that scene
Don't do it!

"suckers for posterity" aren't we all
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cutup, thread

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