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As Above, So Below - 2014

As Above, So Below - 2014

I’m normally as patient with “found footage” genre fare as I am with “dead teenager” flicks.
Still - - when those with subterranean settings beckon, I often cast aside misgivings.
Young archaeologist and historian/translator join with explorers and descend into Parisian catacombs.
Holy relics for one group, treasure for the other.
Above ground proceedings slow. Characters irritating, voicing reluctance, then feebly acquiescing.
Once into the depths, though, hold on!

For viewers who have done unguided caving, especially the wet caves, this captures the claustrophobic exhilaration and disorientation. Narrow, twisting tunnels, watery passages, surprise chambers, and ever-present mud.
The surround mix provides a shifting ambiance, but dialogue clarity often suffers.
Excellent midnight movie.

Layered meanings and symbolism throughout, though frequently convoluted.
References to Nicolas Flamel, legendary French alchemist, embellish the historical connections.

Nicolas Flamel - Wikipedia

Now - I’m new - and I might be stepping out on a limb here, so please correct me if I err.
More than the released film itself, I recommend the Sapirstein edit.
This version is slightly cut and the narrative rearranged.

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