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Three Recent FanEdits

Note - only two of these qualify as Horror, but I included the Kurosawa since it was part of this packet.

A trio of recent fanedited films.
One was filmed black n white, the other two have been converted.

The Sukaiwaka Fortress

Modification of Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress, major inspiration for Star Wars.
Changes here are subtle and sweeping.
All music has been replaced with John Williams’ scores.
Here and there, subtitles have been altered with Star Wars phrases and references.
This is well done. Faneditor “ssj” also provides a FULL commentary track which will prove invaluable for aspiring editors as well as the curious.

* * *

Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Silent

The Coppola classic, transformed into a pre 20s Silent film.
An inspired reworking, though not without faults.
First - and many members commented on this during the “in progress” stage - the font for the inter-titles is difficult to read and the type is too small. Adding to this, the inter-titles often disappear before one is able to digest them.
Second - the original two hour running time has been condensed to one hour. Events rush at a furious pace so that the narrative is often confused. Newcomers to the story will be lost.
Better, there are two Philip Glass scores available. The Kronos Quartet and the solo piano from the restored 1931 Dracula.
The colour tinting on this is magnificent, from enhancing the mood for specific scenes to colouring a flash of lightning or tiny detail.
Faneditor “Paulisdead2221“ shines here.
Recommended, though anticipate those inter-titles.

* * *

LV 426

Rearranging of Prometheus as a direct prequel to Alien.
This is a timely edit since it is apparent director Scott seems disinclined to follow the Prometheus arc any time soon.
The B-movie angle is paramount here. This has a 50s SciFi look. Horror elements are more to the fore, as well, with an emphasis on dark undercurrents and heightened tension.
The character “David” is particularly Machiavellian here, whether by programming or faults.
The grandeur of the original is lacking, though the original was a disappointing failure of broad ambition mangled by sloppy, poorly focused writing.
Faneditor “TMBTM” has crafted a great late night ride. The last act interweaves several stories and strikes the hammer down. Strap in for high octane excitement.

Note: Some sources offer subtitles, most do not.
I converted the pgs subs to srt, then did a wee bit of editing.
My srt = Download LV 426 (2017) subtitles from the source! -

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